March 22nd, 2010

Fatty Goldfish

God Damnit.

I miss the wonders of Discovery Zone and Super Play. I want one for adults. I want a giant ball pit, and a roller slide, and that big room with the inflated floor where you can bounce around, and the big story tall rope wall thing, and climbing thru plastic tubes, and risking tearing of a toenail if you dont wear socks like your supposed to, and yelling at people from above thru blue and green plastic dome windows.
They should make one for adults.

When i am rich. When i am rich.


Good morning, Deeps. In about 2 or 3 weeks, I'll start getting insurance through my workplace (hooray!) which is very good, because I recently found out that I'm about 9 weeks pregnant. The insurance is through Providence, and I'm hoping to get a recommendation for a good obstetrician (or even pointers on who to avoid).

Tea whores unite secretly


As it's been suggested and seconded, we're having a special meetup this month at The Alibi for a little drinking and karaoke fun!

So, the details are as follows...

You can show up at 7pm, but Karaoke begins at 9pm (just as an fyi)
Sadly no minors this month (you haven't shown up before, so you can wait one more month, right?)

The Alibi
4024 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR 97227

I'm going to call and ask if I can reserve a space for maybe 10 people, so please comment so I can get a head count!!!
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Weekly reminder: Thursday co-working at Satellite

Any and all who telecommute or work-at-home or just want to get out of the house and talk to other humans are welcome!

As usual it will be myself and ivynova hanging out at the Satellite cafe Thursday morning from 9am until whenever. Historically, if no one else shows up by about 11 we will probably leave shortly after then.

Here's the location.

And here's Hephaestus, patron deity of those who work from home:

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I know the real estate market is tough right now, and it's difficult to make your property stand out in a crowd.. but I'm getting a little sick of having to remove directional signs from my front yard (I live on a corner lot) every couple of weeks.

It would be one thing if people asked. I might even go along with it once and a while. But to just litter my yard with their agent feces is really getting annoying.

Does anybody know the laws regarding this? I've been being "nice" and pulling them up and dropping them in front of the house for sale without damaging them. However, it's now gotten to the point where I want to send some kind of message to these agents that my front lawn is not a billboard.

If anybody cares, the latest offender was Peninsula Realty Century 21.
  • ernhrt

Any Legal Eagles out there?

My ex and I are amending the child support paperwork from our divorce. I have the forms for Clackamas county and I know what we are agreeing on, but it like a foreign language in them there forms.

The court facilitator is available in a few weeks, but I want to get these signed by the ex and into the court by April 1.

Thanks for any help.

Progressive 'concierge' service

So today some douchebag shattered my car window at the Gateway Transit Center park and ride, bent my door frame, rifled through my stuff, and took nothing of any value. It was the first (and will be the last) time I've ever parked there.

I have progressive, and they want me to use their 'concierge claims service,' which sounds really convenient but also sounds like they might be trying to scam me somehow. My distrust for insurance companies is very high. Has anyone had any experience with this service?

Meanwhile, if you see someone shifty looking with several varieties of cucumber seeds, let me know. As far as I can tell that's the only thing they took.

Collection harassment.

Or.. why never to finance through Dell Financial Services.

Thursday my payment was due.
I paid IN FULL my balance on Friday (one day late.. aka my balance is $0)
Does this strike you as a little excessive?

Funny note, they're allowed to call between 9a-8p, notice the first call is 9:03a, and last is 7:53p today. That's efficiency!

I mean.. really. I told them on the first call a payment in full was made, and still 11 calls harassing me to 'make arrangements' even though I asked them to flag my account.

I'm closing my acct. with them now that the balance is zero, but is there anything aside from the BBB I can do?


 so i just heard a protest go by about 30 minutes ago. all i could hear was "chopstick murderer" coming from about 50 to 100 people going north on se/ne 20th. i don't think that's what they were actually saying. and since then there have been at least 5-10+ cop cars racing past going east on burnside. any light on these two events?