March 21st, 2010

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Ok DamnPortlanders, I need a DamnPsychiatrist. Specifically one who specializes in autism and who doesn't demean patients. Every one I've been to treats me like I don't exist--the last one I saw, said to be the best in the city, spent the whole time talking to my PARENTS and acting like I wasn't even in the room. Until I turned off the lamp next to me and he laid this passive-aggressive shit on me about asking permission (for the record, there was a lot of light coming in from outside *and* a lit lamp next to him).

I'm 29 and expect to be treated as such. Anyone have a doctor who actually respects their autistic patients?

Oh yeah, taking Providence/OHP would be great too.
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Rental tents? Or affordable tents?

 Any of you fine DPers know anywhere in Portland that rents tents? Not the big kind for weddings and funerals, but the kind you sleep in. 

Also, where's the best place to get a good quality, affordable tent? I know about REI and Next Adventure. Is there any other place to try?

Xmas Socks


I know that there are many of us here who are searching for work, so thought it'd be a good place to ask...

After applying for a job (assuming you have a contact name/number/email):

1. How long do you wait before you call back to "inquire about your application"?

2. What do you say when you call back?

3. Have you ever emailed instead? If so, what were the results?

Montgomery Ward

Did there used to be a Montgomery Ward in Portland?  How long ago did it close?
I'm trying to figure out how old my fridge is, it was left by the previous owner.  Lots of informative tags (serial, model & manufacturing number which together with my google skills haven't netted anything) and a delivery tag on the back which helpful has the date as 04/26 (I'm assuming the obvious, April 26th) and that it was delivered by Montgomery Ward. (!!!).  I see that MW went out of business in 2001 after being "rebranded" as Ward's in 1999.  The current MW is a new incarnation, unrelated to the old MW (despite the "since 1874" claim on the website), at least according to wikipedia which we know is the source of all truth on the internetz; I think the new company is irrelevant anyway since they don't seem to sell refrigerators.
Seemed likely that some friendly soul in DP might know the answer to this question...or at least someone might have something interesting to say on the topic.


Happy thoughts

What is one (or what are some) of the happiest moments you've ever had in your life?

Share whatever you like - but I encourage you to really set the scene for us. How were all your senses engaged? Who was involved, where, when? Why was the experience significant? How does it make you feel now to think of it?