March 20th, 2010



If I were looking for a largish supply of cardboard, for super cheap (free), where should I go?  I tried raiding the cardboard area of the nearby recycling center but it had apparently been collected recently.  I don't need "boxes" though that's what I've been looking for kind of by default.  Does Costco let you take boxes even if you're not buying things?  Or, do they have lots of broken-down boxes that they let people take?
(Kicking myself because just a couple weeks ago I saw half a dozen boxes full of other broken-down boxes somewhere I was and didn't think to grab them.)
hello, sunshine!  All my neighbors are out mowing and otherwise tending to their lawns/yards.
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Where can I...?

My friend and I want to sit outdoors and drink hard liquor while playing Scrabble. Name a good place for this activity! (I mean a place with waitstaff and decent bathrooms - not like a park.)

Close in PDX would be best but she lives in Vancouver so that would be somewhat acceptable as well.
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Pushing buttons

A while ago, someone on this community (my apologies for not remembering better) was offering custom-made damnportlanders buttons. I'd be interested in getting a couple, if there are any left, but I had another question as well: how might I go about making a custom design of my own? I understand that you print out your desired image on paper of a certain size, and use a press to squeeze it onto a button. Where can one find this hardware? Do you need to buy it, or can you go somewhere and rent it? I'm not looking to mass-produce, just for a few one-offs. Any ideas?

April's coming...

...and so I ask you, the obvious tax experts:
1) if my partner and I got an oregon state tax refund last year which this year has to be claimed as income on federal taxes, but we got the refund jointly and are filing federal singly (cause they don't recognize us jointly and all), are there rules about how it gets divided, or can we do it however we want (i.e. do we have to split it in half or can one of us take the whole thing?)?

2) net operating loss.  I'm familiar with this situation theoretically, but my free-file online folks are telling me it might apply to me because my income is less than my deductions, or something like that.  This is because my "income" has been student loans, which aren't considered income.  This online folks are telling me I can carry my net operating loss forward, reducing my tax liability next year (I could carry it back but I had no tax liability last year either; I will probably have a tax liability for 2010).
Does any of this make sense?  Do I actually have a net operating loss or am I confused?  Is it really an option for me to carry me NOL forward and reduce next year's tax liability?  That would be pretty sweet.  I generally don't think of the IRS as being that nice, you know. 

 (ETA: I did take a stab at reading IRS document 536 but still find myself confused.)


Has everyone heard of the pilot program Clean Energy Works Portland, in which you can have your home weatherized and the costs are loaned to you, you pay the loan back over 20 years with payments added to your utility bill.  Very helpful for those who are interested in weatherizing but don't have the capital to make it happen on their own.  I believe you still get all the pertinent tax credits etc.  Check it out:

Food carts

So I know the food carts at 12th and Hawthorne are open late and the ones downtown are typically lunch only, but what about the food carts up on Alberta as well as the ones on Missippi? I already checked but they don't seem too good about listing the typical hours for such food cart clusters. Also, any reccommendations of carts to try? (Aside from the Hawthorne ones that is, since I've already been to all of those).