March 19th, 2010

Bean Bag Chair?

Where the hell can I find a large beanbag chair in this beautiful city? Not looking to buy from any of the current listings on craigslist. I'm looking for something more modern filled with foam or something, not the old fashioned kind with Styrofoam beads.

Vegan Please (no, not really)

tech jobs

WebMD Health Services has a whole bunch of open positions right now. Mostly they are looking for developers (.NET/SQL Server), testers/QA, and some other assorted project management and analyst type positions.

Drop me a line if you are interested, and I can give some more details.
Full list of postings, just search on Location = Portland.

Portland Hip Hop Next Friday, March 26th at Backspace!

Elevated Entities

Come celebrate the coming of spring with an all-star line up of funkadelic Hip Hop. Even if you don't primarily listen to Hip Hop, you should check this out! Go to the pages below - give 'em a listen.

Mac Lethal (Kansas City) - 2002 Scribble Jam Freestyle Champion
check him out on or

Elevated Entities (PDX) -

Soulcrate Music (Sioux Falls) - or

And, Prof

Hosted by the one-and-only Joe Nasty!

Urban Art exhibit before the show featuring the work of: Kaus, Matt Schlosky, Nate Luna, Cracker Ass JK, Chris Wu, Hunter Armstrong, and Angel Roman.

Live graffiti by Matt Schlosky and Nate Luna. Enter the raffle to win their pieces. Tickets $1.

Don't miss the after-party with a DJ set by the Weatherman, and all out dance party.

Graf Gallery at 7, music at 9
ALL AGES / 21+ w/ID to drink
8 Bucks, Support the Underground

115 NW 5th St.
Portland, OR. 97209
Swedish Chef

Pediatricians at Legacy Emanuel

I am in need of a new pediatrician. I wanted to know if anybody has had experience with the pediatricians at Legacy Emanuel in North Portland. I will be needing a doctor that is especially good with premature baby issues. If anybody has recommendations outside the Legacy system that would be fine too. Thanks in advance.
bella hind paw

Do you have boxes?

For those of you who are eager to discard your large/medium moving boxes, I would be happy to take them out of your hands. I live in the Woodlawn area.

Incidentally, where could I dig around for boxes in the NE? Are there bins in shopping districts I could rummage through? Any shops I could ask in particular?

Also, if you're in the SE area and you need boxes sometime after the 27th, you are welcome to take mine, lawl.

Thanks in advance!

Paper Drinking Straws? Wedding cake bakers?

1) i'm wondering if anyone has seen striped paper drinking straws for sale anywhere in town. they don't have to be the kikkerland brand like in the picture! i prefer red & white striped, but am interested in whatever you've seen. i'm not really interested in paying a bunch of shipping and having the color i get be a crapshoot, like it is if i buy them through the company.


2) we're looking for a cake baker for our july 4th wedding. our first choice (bakery bar) is full, and we trekked out to beaverton bakery for a tasting and were pretty disappointed. anyone have any particular suggestions?

thanks in advance!

Last minute pet sitter?

I need a pet sitter for Saturday night, Sunday morning and evening and Monday morning, although Monday is negotiable.  SE, near the Aladdin Theater.  Please let me know of anyone who might be able to work on last minute notice.

More information:  3 cats, raw diet needs to be fed morning and evening.  Litter box scooping would be nice, but is optional.  I prefer a professional, licensed and insured.

Vegetarian Tater Tot Casserole recipe?

Since this seems to be the land of tater tots, does anyone have a Tater Tot Casserole recipe?  It doesn't have to be vegan (must include cheddar cheese!)  It looks like there are two kinds out there:  egg based and cream of mushroom soup based.  I've never made one myself, but I think it's time.