March 18th, 2010

rats and landlords...

The last few nights I have noticed my dogs are very curious of this one section of the deck outside. they go back and forth smelling from two specific points on the deck. last night I sat inside and watched through the glass door to see what this animal could be whose sent is so intriguing to my dogs...I think its a rat...but im not 100% on that. It is bigger than a mouse and it seems too small to be a rat, but maybe its just a small rat..i dunno.  questions are:

1. It is Grey in color from what i could tell, larger than a mouse smaller than rats ive seen, but has a rat like shape. I couldn't get a good look at teh tail tho as it was quick and when it stopped on the porch it was hiding outside behind an outside speaker and I could only see its head..which looks rat/mouse-ish...I know there's lots of small creatures in Portland so does anyone have ideas of other animals it Might be..(tho im pretty positive its a small brown rat)

2. and most importantly. When my husband called the landlord today and mentioned said animal the landlord said "well i don't know what you want me to do about it..YOU can go buy a snap trap or a live trap they are pretty cheap"I was kinda surprised by this..but maybe i shouldn't be Question is: Is teh landlord responsible for rodents outside the house? to get them removed or whatever? is he responsible if they come inside? beyond a lease which we don't really have is there some sort of law requiring him to take care of such things? . We do not have  a very formal specific lease with this guy/. Its a very basic form lease saying how much we will pay, how much the deposit is and that is it. We do rent month to month so we don't really want to push this issue to hard as we are not looking to move. I am asking more for a just in case this animal becomes more than one and actually decides to try to come inside (which i do not expect as the dogs and fat cat do not care for intruders) I am also more than happy to simply buy alive trap and take care of it, but just curious what my rights are here...

thanks much DP!

Edit: i ask question one because when talking to my boss about it  he said his girlfriend had found some critter at her place that was like i described, but was not a rat and he couldn't recall the name. which made me curious
Tea whores unite secretly

C sharp or B flat...

I just purchased a piano and I need to have it moved! Does anyone know of a good piano moving service that is relatively cheap, does a good job and possibly tunes on arrival? It's an upright, my mom's boyfriend claims it can be moved with a few strong men and a pickup truck, but I'm a bit nervous about going that route since I need to have it carried up stairs and I also want to have someone tune it.