March 17th, 2010

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Locket in the Portland area

I am looking for a locket form Portland. If you live here and make, fucking cool.

If you just happen to live here and have seen a nice one. Well, that works too.

Either way.... this must be bought in Portland, fucking, Oregon!!

Hi DP.

Let's say I decided to park my car illegally for the last 30 days or so (residential zone A near PGE Park), and let's say I have collected about 6 parking tickets under my windshield during this time.

Let's say that, for unrelated reasons, I decide to move across the country back to where I live, and get my car's plates changed back again to my old state. I make sure that the current address registered to my car does not forward my mail to my new new address.

What are the chances of me never having to worry about those traffic tickets again?

Edit: Thanks for the responses. I will pay off the damned tickets. And hey, I'm parked legally right now!
Tea whores unite secretly

Beer drinking holiday...

So dearest DP, I am no longer a minor and I would love to celebrate St. Patricks Day... but I am not sure what to do!

I know there is always Kells, but I also know that is going to probably be more expensive than it was on Saturday and packed as hell, but is there anything else cool going on that you could reccomend? Anyone want to join me in celebrating a day devoted to drinking and eating corned beef and boiled cabbage?
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Low Cost Health Insurance

So at my new job I get $200 a month meant to be applied towards health insurance. Do you know of any low-cost, $200 budget plans? Kaiser? Providence? Please, if you can, save me from hours of mind-numbing googling if you know of any!

Also (on a somewhat unrelated note), I have this scratch on one of my front teeth that has been driving me absolutely BANANAS. If I went to a dentist and asked to get it smoothened out or whatever, how much do you think it would cost? It is seriously driving me so insane I might just go ahead and do it before I get my insurance set up (even though that probably isn't very smart...)


Do you have a favorite movie version of Alice in Wonderland? I haven't seen all that many, but I am hoping to remedy that.

Of course, I have seen Disney's Alice in Wonderland... and I'm sure I must have seen a few others, but I don't remember which ones. I think there was a Betty Boop cartoon in there, somewhere...

I remember seeing this one on tv & it was pretty good. Safeway had it on sale for $5.99 the other day, but I didn't buy it. This is the only one I own.

EDIT: Of course, I had to go back & buy it.

Go ahead, pick up that horn and toot it!

I know many DP'ers have cool/interesting businesses, and I could even name a few of them off the top of my head.  But I was thinking today: That must be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to entrepreneurial DeePs.  And, really, it'd be cool to patronize a DPer or two, if I could. 

So, go ahead, shamelessly plug yourself!

Just a few helper questions to get your juices juicy:
What's your business?  How is it awesome?  What makes your product/service better than the other guy's product/service?  (To put it in jargon-y marketing terms, what is your USP?)  How long have you been at it?  Where do you see it going/expanding?

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(Edited to include my www. Oops.)
Nom nom nom nom

Unicode Domain Names

So has anyone else registered any unicode domains? I found a registrar that would let me do it, and I've already registered two. I don't even know what I'll use them for, but they just seem cool. Maybe I'm just geeking out for lack of sleep.

The one I registered tonight was ☢☣.ws. I haven't made it into a site or anything, but for $9, I couldn't resist... Am I just being silly, or is this the next wave of the Internet?
fuck yourself

beware GSL properties

So the complex I live in is below-market rents. Some section 8, some of their own program, whatever. So we get inspected periodically. It used to be annually, in the early autumn, to make sure that all furniture was away from the heaters (as well as smoke alarms worked, we weren't cooking meth, etc). In the past year, it's become every few months. Which bothers me, I have safety and privacy issues, but at least they were always good with the 24 hour notice. We usually got 2-3 days, in fact. Then they started fudging the times on the forms left on our doors - they'd say 10 am, but I would have gone out at lunchtime and seen nothing on the door, couldn't have been posted before about 4 pm, that sort of thing. But the one this week really pissed me off.

Form claims it was left on the door on 3/15 at 5 pm, for inspections dated 3/17-3/19. That would have been Monday, yes? Well, I was out on Monday evening, didn't get home until after 10, there was nothing on my door. Went out for dinner yesterday, got home around 7, nothing on my door. Didn't go out until this evening, but I can guarantee you that we got nowhere NEAR 24 hours notice for inspections starting TODAY. I didn't even get the notice until 5:30 this evening. It could have been posted this morning, I was being a homebody, but still - the morning of is NOT 24 hours!

Seriously, this is starting to massively piss me off. I've been going through hell the past few weeks, which means (among other things) that I've been neglecting my housekeeping. And they will give me shit for that. And I have to be at work tomorrow - which means I have to /get/ there at 7:30 am, and will likely be there until 7:30 the next am, so if I get inspected tomorrow, I'm totally fucked. Okay, no, they'll just give me a threatening note and then re-inspect me in a few days, but still I DON'T WANT TO PLAY. If I'd actually HAD the notice by 5 pm on the 15th as they'd claimed, I could have had everything in order by today no problem. But this is the WORST time of the week for me to try to get anything done, now.
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So Friday I need to kill some time in between Point A and Point B of my plans for Friday - approximately 4-5 hours of time that is. This actually works perfect for me because with my laptop I can get work done instead of riding the bus for an hour and a half to get home only to turn around and ride the bus another hour and a half to my next appointment.

So I'll be in the area of N Philadelphia & N Lombard and I'm wondering if any of you damn people know a place I could bunk down with my laptop and enjoy a drink and some free wifi? Worst comes to worst I'll go to Starbucks, but I'm hoping for something else.