March 15th, 2010

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I want to know your favorite way to prepare tofu IN YOUR HOME.

I know there's agodbillion places that serve tofu in wonderful ways but I want to know how you, a common person, make tofu magic in your kitchen.

Thanks much!

Portland related bc...duh
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Co-working Thursdays try number 3!

Do you work from home and feel like getting out for a while?

Third week running, and so far attendance has been sparse. Last week it was just ivynova and I, but we're going to be there this week as well.

Join us for some beverages, foods and hanging out at work.

Satellite Cafe at 20th and Hawthorne
Thursday, 9am - Whenever

Also, if a different day works better for you, let us know!

Here's a picture of a troglodyte. That's kind of what I feel like when I haven't left the house for a few days:

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I'm a leprechaun.

Dear DeePee,

My birthday is tomorrow. Wednesday me and my family will be going to Max's Fanno Creek Brew Pub in downtown Tigard from 5:30 to whenever we stagger out of there 9. Since I have no real life friends I am inviting you all to come. There will be live music, and lots of St. Patrick's day drinking. I recommend the raspberry stout.

Hope to see you all,


dp! you know all!

hola dp.

my family is raining on me for the first time since 1999! can someone give me a nice hotel rec (read: cheap but not like scary) for my bro who is visiting? i was thinking by the convention center so he could max it to my place in a short time. so in walking distance from the max would be great!

i live in way out ne, like gateway.

ideas? thanks! maybe you have an even better idea than i do.

unrelated, anyone know where you can get jalebi here? it's been too long since i've had one! <3
yer mom

Anime DP'ers

Was just watching Attack of the Show on G4 and they mentioned this website:


I know there's a lot of fans of Anime and such on here, so.. if you hadn't heard of it... there you go.

*sorry if this is obvious, I hadn't heard of it before.*