March 13th, 2010



Shitty google-fu + laziness + drinking = me asking you this.

How do I find where Leverage is being filmed (I think season 3 is still being filmed here)? I'm really into this show right now, and I want to either a) watch it being filmed or b) be an extra or 3) meet these guys and get some autographs. Especially when they're trying to do something like make Portland look like Kiev, Ukraine. Now that's magic. Or stupid. I haven't decided which. I know Christian Kane does shows at Dante's, so I'll probably go to that, although that place kinda scares me.


Edit: Apparently this is happening, but it isn't cheap. I might go.

Do you have a truck & need a few extra $$?

Is there anyone out here in DP land, with a vehicle large enough to move a twin mattress + box spring, and would like to make a few bucks? We need a set moved from SW to NE & we will pay you for gas & your troubles. Time/Date is TBD but we were hoping for this weekend/week.

thank you.

we now return you to your regular scheduled programing....
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Sunset picture

Looking for a good place to get a sunset picture in the general Portland area tonight.

I would like something with a bit of a background, but it can be just the sunset too. I'm trying to get a good shot with my car and the sunset. Any locations that make a great pic. are appreciated.



I've been getting sick constantly, like once a month. I would like to see a nutritionist to figure out if I have some food allergy I don't know about or if I'm not getting something my body needs. Does anyone have a recommendation? Would rather not travel outside of Portland. Thanks!

any ideas?

i've looked for rooms to rent 2 or 3 times in the past on craigslist and i've never had such trouble then as i am having now trying to meet up with people and check out rooms.

is it a bad time of the year or something? is it because of college kids taking up rooms until the summer? does anyone have any ideas why it's such slim pickings right now? when it might get better?

and the couple of leads i've even had say they've had a TON of applicants and are being super picky :/



No SNNLC?!?! really? I go to a bar for 3 hours and y'all went and got lives on me? (Please note, this is not an official SNNLC posting. I am sorely unqualified to host such an event.)