March 10th, 2010


A Sea Change--Imagine a World Without Fish--TONIGHT!

The Loo-Wit Group invites you to a free screening of

6:30pm meet and greet with refreshments
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Program

Clark Public Utilities Community Room
1200 Fort Vancouver Way
Vancouver, Washington

Retired educator and concerned grandfather, Sven Huseby presents this international film. Drastic ocean changes are taking place and startling information will be provided.

Enjoy this family friendly film and learn how you and your family can help save the ocean!

All are invited. No Fee.

For more information:
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Wow, it's been awhile. :)

1. What's your favourite song? Why? Or your favourite moment with a good song?

2. Tell me two good things that happened to you this week, no matter now small. :)

Beach Rentals with a dog?

Ohhh Wise Dpers!

I want to rent a place at the beach that will let my 90 pound boxer dog come too!

I love Rockaway but am open to other beaches as long as there is a good expanse of beach
to walk on...

It only has to have 1 or 2 bedrooms...

I am in your debt!

tattoos n' such

Annnd time for my monthly self promo:  

Now is time time to get tattooed, so you can show off your newly inked self in the skin-baring-summer months! Contact me with any and all tattoo inquires at

And my website has been all spiffed up so check it:

concert seating at Rose Garden

Is it possible to pick your own seat for a concert at the Rose Garden or do they just assign you one when you purchase tickets? I want an aisle seat, specifically, and every time I go on the Rose Quarter website (or and do a search for a single seat in the 300 section, it keeps giving me the same seat number. Is there any way to figure out if this is on the aisle?

Carpenter recommendation

Hey gang!

This gentleman named Wayne just did some repairs on my house on the EXTREME cheap. Our precious girl chewed up the corner of the house (because, you know, wood fiber feels so good on little puppy teeth!) outside and our deposit hung in the balance. What were we to do?

Alerted of our situation by our usual handyman-cum-Volkswagen mechanic, Wayne called US about the job and came out and did it for $55 and a burrito, materials included. He cut the nasty piece off, put fresh wood down, caulked it, and painted it. The only possible downside is that it looks much, much nicer than the rest of the house. Actually, he did it for $50, but I gave him a lamentably tiny tip. I'd say the whole thing took about an hour.

(Genuinely nice guy, too—totally indifferent to our darling snarling poopsmith.)

If you want his number, PM me! He'd love to help you too.