March 7th, 2010


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Hey damn sports people,

My friend is coming into town and wants to watch the Bahrain Grand Prix Live next Sunday. The downers are that you can only watch it on SpeedTV (which you have to buy in a sports package from Comcast) and it starts at 7:30am (sports bars don't typically open that early.)

I have heard of some bars being open early for soccer, and was wondering if we could corner one of the tvs for the race. Any ideas of places that might be open that early on a Sunday??

Thank you in advance =)
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fold down ironing board

I want one of those ironing boards you mount to a wall and then fold down to use, rather than an ironing board with feet. Know what I'm talking about? Know where those are sold? I have had no luck at Target, Home Depot, or Ikea.

shameless self promotion

I make accessories (brooches, headbands, hair clips) out of vintage buttons, wool felt and freeform embroidery.  Lately I've been focussing on smaller items, which are great for adults but perfectly sized for kids.  

I enjoy the crafting part of this, but I'm slacking at the marketing, selling, and photography side.   This weekend I made a light box, learned a lot about photography and posted some new stuff on my etsy site.  Feel free to check it out.  You can also buy my stuff at Gossamer on 24th E Burnside.   And while I'm at it, here's a link to my crafty blog that's still getting off the ground.  


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Recipe time.

Dear DP,

We need a recipe thread. So post your recipes. Portland-related because I live in Tigard.

I'll start, I had Japanese pancakes for lunch.

For Japanese pancakes you need three ingredients, and can add a bunch of other stuff if you want.

You need:

* cabbage, preferably white cabbage, but I've also used purple or green.
* batter. I'm lazy, so when I make Japanese pancakes I cheat and instead of making the batter from scratch I use buttermilk pancake mix.
* oil for cooking

To that you can add
* any vegetable, finely sliced for fast cooking
* mushrooms
* a protein source, I like to add an egg or shrimp, but cooked beans or tofu are also good
* anything else you feel like

Chop up about half a white cabbage into thin strips. Add the chopped vegetables/mushrooms (except for anything that needs to be cooked to be safe). Mix the pancake batter separately according to the instructions on the box. Take a portion of the veggie-mix and put it into a bowl and pour just enough batter over it to coat everything.

Heat a frying pan up with a bit of oil.

When the frying pan is hot put anything that needs to be cooked thoroughly, such as eggs or shrimp, and cook as appropriate. With eggs I simply crack one and immediately put the pancake mix on top of it right away, but with shrimp I make sure to cook them thoroughly before I add the pancake mix. Add the mix and wait for the batter to puff. Flip when the pancake is firm enough to hold together and let the other side cook. Eat with soy-sauce.

Serves about four people. (or one person four meals)
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OHSU Dornbecker radio commercial?

Ok, my google-fu fails me.

I've been searching and can't even find an audio clip of it, but has anyone heard the new OHSU Dornbecker radio ad? I know they play it on 100.3 because that is what we listen to at work... not sure what other stations though.

I'm just trying to figure out if the music was done by Mark Mothersbaugh? I'm getting a very Rugratz feel from it... so just wondering.

Bike Naked!

Firefox advice

Yeah, someone asking for internet advice. *shrug*

I had firefox open with about, oh, fifteen or twenty tabs. My roommate needed to use my computer to set up her new ebook reader because there was stuff she couldn't do on a Mac, and I'm the only person in our house with Windows.

I had saved all my tabs before I quit firefox and handed it over.

She opened it up, did her thing (I was out of the room), and then closed it without saving my tabs.

I can't find them in my history!

Is there any way to find all my old saved tabs? To reopen that specific session?

I wouldn't be so upset, except that most of them were craigslist apartment ads. People post so many ads to craigslist every day that you can't look farther back than yesterday...and most of them were from Friday.

Thank you so much!

EDIT: I know how to prevent it next time, thank you.
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