March 6th, 2010



Hey peeps. Once long ago I had the perfect mattress. It was a Sealy Easterling, long since discontinued. A firm mattress but with a pillow top so you'd sink for a couple inches before a nice firm surface.

Now my girlfriend and I are sleeping on a futon mattress with several mountain ranges and valleys (I sold the Perfect Mattress when I moved) and are finally in a position to get a good one. We would like to know where we can go, tell a non-snakey sales rep how we sleep and what we want, and not have the rep attempt to upsell us in an annoying fashion, but rather just suggest a few models that might be good for us. Also we need a place that delivers, so the cheaper on that, the better.
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damn visitation, help some curious invaders plan a week in portland?

Greetings DP! My wife and I are heading out there tomorrow and we'll be staying for about a week. Our goal is to experience Portland from the perspective of a couple potentially moving out there in about a year-and-a-half. Career networking and neighborhood exploration aside (we're doing plenty of both) we're looking for uniquely "Portland" experiences to have while we're there.

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Obviously we want to see some sights, but overall we're not as interested in "touristy" stuff as the things which make the city a great place to live for those of you who spend every day there. Suggestions are welcome!

searching for a room

Hey awesome DP folks, I have been perusing the great craigslist field of dreams looking for a cheap room but I think people like to wait last minute (as in, there will be more options towards the end of month) to try and fill rooms so it's a little sparse right now. I prefer not doing things last minute,so I am trying to secure a place for April sooner rather than later.

I'm looking to rent a room for no more than $300 + utilities (and no more than $400 total if that includes utilities.) Longish term hopefully if it's rad, but will take a shorter rental time if someone has something available. If anyone knows of anything, I can give you more information about myself! I would rather live with people who don't have to wake up super early in the morning, I'm a tad bit of a night owl.


Help The Sentinel save its archives

Hey, guys.

I know a lot of you live in North/Northeast PDX, and so may be familiar with the The Sentinel, which has covered local politics and culture in N/NE for years. Unfortunately, the March edition, which hit the streets this week, is going to be the last one.

I have a personal connection to the paper, so I have my own feelings on its closure, but I'm not going to wax all sentimental here. However, they're currently trying to raise money to keep the website going and make their archives accessible online, so if you've ever appreciated what they do, maybe you can kick 'em a few bucks. You can use PayPal through the chip-in widget on the right side of the page; quick and easy.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and happy sunny Saturday!

My map of things to do around Portland:

I am making a map of things to do and see around Portland.

It is mostly places of historic or scientific interest, rather than commercial locations. Also, it is focused on places outside of Portland proper, because I am sure everyone here has already been to Powell's/Voodoo Donuts/Pioneer Square.,-122.504425&spn=0.672098,2.103882&z=10

That is my map. I am very interested in suggestions. Right now I seem to have lots of natural locations, but I am interested in adding more historical locations.
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"Entourage" art form

I'm trying to learn more about and find examples of the art form known as entourage. The way my design teacher described it, it's like at a build site, they have the drawings of how the buildings will look. Then to "humanize" it, there are nondescript forms of humans placed around the drawings.
I have to do a project in this entourage style but am not comfortable enough doing it until I read more about it. Unfortunately, a half hour of googling still only leads me to things involving the HBO series. Any suggestions or links you can point me to? Yes I tried excluding results using the advanced search feature on Google.
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blank trailblazer jerseys


Do any of you guys know where I can get a blank Adidas Blazers jersey? Since I'm not a real fan of sports, I wanna be able to put my own name and number on it instead of having someone else's name and number on it that I don't know who they are and whether they're a good player or not.

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