March 4th, 2010


The "Creative Class" is no longer cool. In fact, they were only marginally cool through the last decade, but in this decade, they are definitely not cool. Every passing day makes them less cool.
Tea whores unite secretly

High Tea

So damned portlanders, I got a bit of dough for my birthday and now I want to indulge in a nice high tea! I tweeted about it and the Heathman was all "Yes, come have tea!" and now I can't seem to find their prices... so, if anyone knows of anywhere that does high tea, let me know! Points for prices!
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Need weights, dumbbells, Free

Hey DPers,

In the last three years I have become a real fat ass.
I've just received the P90x fitness plan as a gift, but I have no equipment in which to work out with.

Any old equipment that you may have sitting out back, or in the garage, I'll come and get!

Please help me lose this fat & flab! Any kind of weights, benches, what-have-you will be greatly appreciated!

I'm located in NoPo and can come and pick up anything you feel like donating to the cause.


Damnbibliophiles and Damncheapskates

A book I've been anticipating just came out in hardcover but it's still full price. Now I always see hardcovers get marked down 30% and even down to $10 on the clearance shelves, including previous books in this particular fantasy series. Does anyone have any experience with how long I should wait to try and get this on clearance for $10? Thanks.

PS. Please note, I'm a cheapskate.

Cotton Candy Redux

Something I forgot to mention in my last post about a cotton candy machine/vajazzling - where might I find cotton candy itself? The zoo has it, I hear, but I was hoping not to go so far out. Ideally, what I'm looking for would be the kind spun onto a cone of some sort, but I'd be willing to make do with the bagged kind; even the packaged kind with bar code is better than nothing!

Thanks DP. Sorry for the double-whammy "where is" post.

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Hey there Portland!

Do you sneeze out of your mouths, or out of your noses? Inquiring minds want to know! Or at least my bored mind wants to know.

I got tired of nearly flying out of my chair when I sneezed, and one day I started re-directing sneezes through my nose instead. No, I'm not sure how I do it, but it seems to diminish the force of the sneeze considerably. So I consider it odd, but useful. So DP, how much of a freak does this make me? Am I alone?

Do you sneeze through your mouth or your nose?

Either one
WTF? You're a freak!
Plumeria Star

Good restaurant near Regal 13 on Division?

Heyla folks!

I'm hitting a movie at the Regal 13 (@16603 SE Division) tonight with friends and we want to grab a nice dinner afterward. It's a bit further out so I don't know the area too well; any recommendations for good eats?

Good food and good atmosphere. Prefer something less generic than an Applebees if possible. :o)

Many thanks in advance as always, DPeeps! xox
Vampyre cat

The Visiting Librarian's Guide to Portland

My super spiffy cousin Serenity helped make a video called "The Visiting Librarian's Guide to Portland." She also makes a cameo appearance in the last segment at Cupcake Jones.

It's full of very touristy spots and will not really appeal to locals, but you might want to show it to your out-of-town relatives or something. Warning: it's rather long.

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