March 3rd, 2010

Push Button For POPSICLES


Hey, neighbors.

Please to be keeping your eyes peeled for a 2007 model, 21-speed, 700c, women's Electra Townie in Platinum (silver).

It was jacked from INSIDE of my friends close-in NE, "secure" apartment building. It could have been a resident, but more likely a friend of one or a passerby that caught the open door of an unknowing resident.

It's like this:

It also had a rack on the back with black folding baskets. Otherwise, everything was stock/original and it was in excellent condition.

If you see it around, just call the police. Thanks.


I know, I'm post-crazy lately.

What are some of your pet peeves, specifically or closely related to DP?

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All of those said lovingly of course, because I'm a nice guy.
Keep in mind that like, half of this community will use your answers against you..... share yours!
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did LJ change something or do I have some sort of virus?

Is anyone else getting all their ecommerce links in livejournal get redirected through something called Not just the ones you post, but clicking on any link on your friends page seems to yield these redirects as well. They usually get to the site you were supposed to go to, eventually, but something fishy is going on because they seem to go through this redirect site somehow first.

It seems to only happen on some ecommerce websites. and Target, for example.
Copy/paste an url into your journal or comments, and when it appears within a livejournal page it'll now be wrapped in this business. You can't copy/paste the resulting link, because it puts that funky outbound stuff in there.

This wouldnt bother me so much except that it often causes errors so the links actually break or they time-out. Yesterday I posted a link to something at the Target site, and I couldn't get there this morning at all because it was timing out at this outbound site. So the only way to get to the sites then is to place the whole URL in the text of the post, which is not so fun on a lot of those long product links. (Not to mention the annoyance of having to search for it all over again even though I'd put it in my own journal as a means to find it easily because LJ was somehow mangling my link.)

Does anyone here know more about this stuff? Posting to the support board, my query has gone quite ignored. My google searching is only yielding dozens of other forum sites (not LJ) with people complaining about broken links, but nothing explaining what the heck this is.

And while I'm not particularly surprised that they'd use something if they found a way to monetize on the content their users generate - but jeez, you'd think LJ staff could bother telling the users that they were doing it. Particularly for the paid users...

EDITED TO ADD: Looks like LJ did change something. There's more info in the comments.
If it's causing you headaches as well, you can add into your ad blocker and it appears to make the problem go away!
Cats pawing at mommy's face

Leverage. Ugh

My parents have come to Portland to visit their grandchildren, and while they're here, they want to see places where Leverage was filmed (apparently they've brought their Hawaiian shirts and plan to carry their cameras on a strap around their neck - this is seriously the first time I've seen them be touristy here.) I don't watch the show or work downtown frequently, so I'm useless in identifying places that they've filmed. Is there a site which might provide this information, or can the fine people of DP help me compile a list?

I saw something in here last week about an audition for a role on the show - are they filming right now? Even if my parents were just outside the building they were filming at, I think they would be totally overjoyed. Any chance someone knows where they're at this week?

For your DP Bingo card for the week of 3/1... Aaaaand, go.

Cheap HPV vaccine

I found out that the Washington County Health clinic is starting a program in a few weeks where they will only charge the administrative costs (about $8) for the HPV vaccine. I don't know all the specifics, but I am pretty sure this is a program under FPEP (the Family Planning Enhancement Program), so it is for low-income women.

For those who don't know about FPEP, it provide free birth control and annual pap exams for low-income women. It lasts for a year, and after that year you can re-apply.

$8 is a very low price for preventing cervical cancer. My nurse practitioner said to check witht he clinic in a few weeks or a month to see when the program is launching. Their phone number is 503-846-8881

x-posted to human_sexuality

P.S. I am unsure if Planned Parenthood or the Multnomah County Health and Human Services are participating, but you could always check.

The Quirky Things that Make Portland Portland

Hey everyone. I'm a Vancouverite, though I hit Portland often enough. I'm putting together a story set in Portland and I want to include some of the weird quirky things about Portland that make it what we know and love. Like the Santas on the Max, or the naked bike ride/run (do other towns do that?).

So, could you tell me some of the odd things about Portland that you think are unique to this city. Places, people, events, or just some random thing that happened to you.

"When the going gets dark..."

Closet-Clearing Original Art Blowout!

Hey, dp! I'm putting some of my older original art on the block. I need space to store/display my new work, so these have to go! All collages are nicely framed under light-proof glass, and are ready for hanging. These pics have traveled a lot over the last 5-10 years, so there might be a "ding" to the frames here and there, or a little dirt on the glass, but that's it so far as wear goes. The images themselves are sealed with gesso or polymer on acid-free board, so if you don't hang them in direct light, they should give you many years of enjoyment.

All pieces have a framed size of approximately 18" X 22" (except where indicated). I'm hoping to get $100 apiece, but any reasonable offer will be considered.*

"Type Box 4" (off-white matting, "cherry" wood frame)

"Type Box 5" (off-white matting, "oak" wood frame)

"Type Box 7" (white matting, black metal frame, framed size approximately 12" X 18")

"WAYS 2" (light blue matting, white wood frame)

"WAYS 3" (dark blue matting, white wood frame)

*"Reasonable," does not mean, "Shopping bag full of expired canned goods." But if you have two bags of canned goods and they're not expired, we can talk. :p

Send me a message if you're interested. Thanks for looking.

Sears Portrait Studio vs. Super Shots Portrait Studio


If I wanted super-cheesy photos with soft edges, weird props, and the closest thing to a background with a herd of grazing unicorns and a waterfall in it, where would I go? Lloyd's Center has Sears Portrait Studio and Super Shots Portrait Studio...which one is more likely to give me what I want? Other suggestions welcome.

Thanks DP! You are the wind in my kneepits.
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co-working in SE

Do you work from home and feel like getting out for a while?

The lovely ivynova and I work from home, and are getting sick of being in the apartment all day. Tomorrow we're going to work from the Satellite Cafe at 20th and Hawthorne starting at 9am tomorrow. Feel free to show up whenever, meet some people, have some coffee and whatevers. They do have an internet connection there and delicious breakfast burritos.

video games

Hey Damnedgamers:

I want you to tell me what your favorite 2 player games for the Xbox 360 are. Co-op preferred but versus is okay. Not for online play, either- live is a luxury I can't afford right now. I just want to sit on the couch with my boyfriend and play something fun. We like solving puzzles. We like hacking things to bits. We get bored just shooting each other after awhile, so while I will happily accept your FPS recs, I may not follow them unless you can really sell me on it. If I want to shoot things usually I load up Timesplitters and shot some diabolical monkeys and dinosaurs anyway.

I don't care if it's an older title- I've been too broke for video games for a long time and have played very few titles since I quit working at Gamestop 4 years ago, so chances are I haven't played it.


Chiropractor or Osteopath in North or NE?

I need a good chiropractor or osteopath close to the Interstate/MLK Blvd. area who takes insurance. I have had shoulder and neck pain for too long and am ready for some relief. Have you been to one you liked and if so, what did you like about her/him?

Thank you my LovelyDamnPortlanders for all your help in advance.