March 2nd, 2010



I have 20 dollars till the fifth. As I was price comparing and browsing the aisles of the grocery store, it dawned on me that I have a severe lack of "ghetto recipes". I know there's some awesome healthier ghetto recipes out there! Chili mac doesn't sound so appetizing to me and I'm sure I can make these 20 dollars turn into something awesome. I'd appreciate any suggestions and recipes to make this money stretch!

breaking a lease

i'm really ignorant about this subject.

okay so unfortunately the long term boyfriend and i are going our separate ways, but we are in a year lease until November. we had been in a 6 month lease before that at the same place. this is the first lease i've ever been in which sucks we have to break it.

whats the best way to bring it up to my landlord? i dont think she likes me, im sort of intimidated by her. im pretty sure we want to be out of here by april 1st. i'm pretty sure the penalty is a full months rent. when we signed our new lease for the year, we got $150 off the first month for signing a year lease- could they ask for that promotional thing back? i need to talk to her tomorrow when i give her the rent check so i'm not sure what to do.

do you think we have any hope of getting our deposit back? i know nothing about what constitutes this, we didn't do any damage or anything out of the ordinary..

thanks DP :/

edit: we are renting a one bedroom and my landlord is losing tenants like dead flies or whatever, too.
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Skull Wallet Chain?

I am trying to find a good wallet chain, heavy duty, with profile skulls in the links. I have searched all over ebay, and to no avail!
the skulls should be full, not half or flat, and be in place of actual links of chain. if i could even find a short necklace with heavy skull links on it, i could put it on chain myself, but i am having no luck...

anyone have some fantastic ideas :D?
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Need a MD with a good head.. for bad heads.

Hey, I figured if anybody knows psych issues in this town, it's damnportlanders, so here it goes.

I need a good psychiatrist (or somebody else with an MD) who has experience treating adult ADD. I'm reaching a point where tools and therapy aren't working, and would like to explore what other options exist outside of "fixing it in software."

Bonus if they are in PacificSores PPO network, but not required. I'm ready to OOP this.

Double bonus (and even though you probably wouldn't want it from me, "favors" *ahem*) if they're alt-lifestyle friendly.
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Ladybit Doctor recommendations?

Heya Deepeeps, I need your help.

I've been going to a FNP at Southwest Family Physicians for ladybit maintenance/trying to get knocked up for a while now. Almost a year. I've been getting increasingly frustrated with her failure to get back to me in a timely manner about ANY test results for a few months now, and I just found out yesterday that she's changed her schedule so that she's only in the office one day a week now. Nice of her to tell her patients that! Adding this to the already rather sizable pile of things I don't like about SWF means I am DONE with that clinic.

So now, I turn to you. I know I'm not the only semi-infertile in DP, and I know there's a lot of you DamnPreggos out there too. Where do y'all go to have your ladybits taken care of?

I'm specifically looking for an OB/GYN-type person who specializes in helping women who have "unexplained infertility" get pregnant, cares for them during pregnancy, and delivers babies. I want to have one doctor from now until I'm a mom. Extra points if they're knowledgeable about asthma and the medications usually taken to control it/their impact on pregnancy.
 Needs to take Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield (not that it does a lot of good, but at least they cover the cost of the office visits, even if the bloodwork/other diagnostic tests are barely/rarely covered). I'm pretty sure the entire Legacy network counts as a PPO for me, and possibly Providence.

I live in Wilsonville, so bonus points if they're somewhere that's not TOO far away from home. I'd be willing to travel for the OMGBESTDOCTOREVAR but you'll need to sell me on it. Hubby works in Hillsboro and I love stopping in to go to lunch with him, so if I had a Dr over there that'd be fine too.

Also, to the CF-and-variant people, don't snark me. I don't have an "overwhelming need to breed," hubby and I are NOT going to do "drastic" measures to conceive, both because forcing nature that much doesn't really appeal to either of us, and because we can't afford it. But so far, I've had nothing but "well, this checks out fine you should be able to get pregnant any time now!" so I want to see what I can do to help nature along, a bit. If we find out that there's something that DOES prevent us from ever having our own kids, adoption IS an option. But I wanna try it my way, first.

Getting married or know someone who is?

Hi damnportlanders!

Are you getting married? Know someone who is? Reversed Lens Photography and 19 other wedding vendors are giving away a dream wedding valued at over $70,000.

The details are over at the blog post linked above, including how to nominate someone, but the general gist goes something like this:

elamine wanted to do something to support Children's Cancer Association, so she devised a way to both give away a wedding to a deserving couple AND benefit the folks over at CCA. If you're interested in entering a friend, or know someone who would be interested, pass the info on to them. All the details are over at the blog post on RLP's blog.

kitchen scraps/compost

Hello all,

We just moved out here from upstate NY and are staying temporarily in an apartment till we know what we're doing. Back home we have a house and an elaborate composting system, but here...I don't know what to do with this bag of kitchen scraps that's filling up. We're only planning to be in this apartment for a month or two, and then we might either go back home or stay longer or who knows what. (My husband has a contract with Nike, of uncertain duration). So in the meantime, is there a community compost bin or something? I don't even care what part of town, really. I just can't stomach throwing it all away. It's all organic food scraps, too, so if hell, if anyone has a backyard bin they want to add to, I'd do that too. Ideas?? Thanks!
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For those looking for work

Job Listings at my office. There's also a position for a network admin that isn't cooked yet.

• Legal Administrative Assistant
Customer Services
• Professional Services Consultant
• Professional Services Consultant
• Professional Services Consultant
Customers Services
• Tech Support Engineer (3 positions available)
• Senior Financial Analyst
International Sales
• Inside Sales Representative - Singapore
• IT Project Manager
• Sr. Product Manager
• Competitive Analyst
• Marketing Webcast/Videocast Specialist
• VP or Director of Product Management
• Marketing Events Contractor
• Solutions Marketing Manager
• Coldfusion Web Developer
• Executive Assistant to VP Marketing & VP Product Marketing
• EMEA Marketing Coordinator
• Sr. QA Engineer
• Administrative Assistant
• SCRUM Master/Project Manager
• Analyst (IT Security and Compliance)

Housing rental resources/recommendations

The family and I are looking to move in mid-April and I'd prefer to find a house to rent as opposed to an apartment.

Craigslist seems to have the quantity but I keep running into fake ads and there's no way to filter apartments out of the categories either.

I found a couple great listings on but there really wasn't much there.

What are some other good places to look for listings?
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Cloth diaper services

So I am thinking of making the switch to cloth diapers after realizing that I don't have to wash them myself if I find a diaper service in the area! Anyone have any recommendations for services you have used? The only place I see online locally is Tidee Didee.
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Cotton Candy Machine?

I break my vow of LJ silence briefly for you, DP! Yes, I'm a whore who hasn't contributed in forever unless I wanted something specific.

Where do I find a cotton candy machine up in here (where "up in here" is defined as Portland)? I would really like to buy/rent/borrow/steal a cotton candy machine/maker/spinner for my next theatrical extravaganza*, "Paradise Park" which takes place in an amusement park. I'd need it for about five weekends over May and June, so I'm not sure whether or not rental will work out due to cost. Cost, mind you, must be tiny due to the ultra-low budget nature of the company. It's a nonprofit, so a donation (forever OR for rental) would be tax-deductible.

Oh and hey, shameless self-promotion for our current show, "Slap that Bitch: a Hip-hop Retelling of Taming of the Shrew," is here <>. Good times. Bitch-slapping, a little gender reversal, and thou . . .

*Speaking of extravaganza, what does everyone think about vajazzling? <> Now that I've heard the term, I believe I will think of it every time I think of "extravaganza."
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more moving questions!

oh, all-knowing dp. help?

today, my landlord informed my housemates and i that the owner is taking the house back. i'm a southeast gal who knows absolutely nothing about northeast portland neighborhoods, but after landing two jobs in the last two weeks, both in northeast, i'm rethinking my living quadrant.

basically, i'm looking for any advice you can give me on neighborhoods within the boundaries of mississippi and 50th, from prescott down. rental prices, neighborhood feel, local parks, crime, etc. where should i check out, and where should i steer clear? if you were an unhip twentysomething, where would you live? i'd love a walkable neighborhood, and i'll also still go for southeast, but probably not further south than clinton.

if you have any knowledge of currently available pet-friendly 2 or 3 bedrooms, this is also extremely helpful. i'm scrounging listings from the usual sites, but i know not everyone posts online.

thanks, y'all!

Medical supply?

I can find this sort of thing for sale on the internet, but we'd like to just go somewhere in town to buy it.

Do you know where people can go to get this sort of thing? We have a friend without insurance and don't want him to rack up another emergency room charge to get a $5 container of packing strip for a wound that we already know how to care for. Walgreens and rite-aid say they don't have it.

Thanks if you have any help.

ps, the hospital says we should try calling walgreens and rite-aid.