February 28th, 2010

  • drjeff

C'mon down... we're dealin'!

Hey, guys.

I've got some framed 8x10 prints just kind of hanging around the house, idly, twiddling their little print-thumbs after hanging on the wall of the Orenco Station Starbucks for a couple months (thanks, inkytwist!). The frames look like this:

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I've got eight of them I'd like to pass along for a fabulous price. Check below the cut for details, if you wanna.

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Sunday mechanics?

Ohhhh damn Portlanders!
Is there anywhere in Portland you can take your car (on a Sunday!) to get your starter tested?

I think mine is either dying or I have a loose connection. (I know its not the battery)

I need to find a place I can just drive my car to, I don't have the capability to take the starter out and bring it to a mechanic myself.
I am in your Portland debt!
trimet elmo
  • celaeno

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PSA: Today began a new signup at TriMet, meaning the person who has been driving your bus for the last 3 months may or may not be the person driving your bus anymore, and the person who will be driving your bus for the next three months may or may not have any idea yet where the route is supposed to go. Plan accordingly if you're a bus commuter, at least for the first couple of days :)

(no subject)

so i have procrastinated enough. i need to get my kitty spayed. her regular vet is the pearl animal hospital, but i know portland has a really nice low cost spay and neuter program, so i think i am gonna go that route.

anyone have any experience with the vets that do it? good? bad?

Tigard Animal Hospital
Village at Main Veterinary Hospital
Burlingame Veterinary Clinic
Cat Adoption Team
Vista Pet Hospital
Hayden Meadows Pet Clinic

thanks in advance.
  • anomar

iron-on denim patches on eastside

Looking for high quality denim iron-on patches, preferably on the eastside. Looking to mend some holes in my jeans. Would like to avoid having to take a bus out to 82nd/122nd, so if there's a good sewing notions resource in PDX proper/bus accessible, it'd be great. Thanks!

Help! (& yes i realize this is a longshot.)

The first weekend of April, I'm moseying up to Portland for an adventure. My best friend turns 21 on March 31st so it's kind of going to be her birthday extravaganza. The thing is, my other friend isn't 21 yet, and we don't want to leave him by the wayside at the end of the day. So my question is.. Are there any clubs (that we can get to by MAX/TriMet) where we can all go, and us 21ers can drink? Karaoke is a plus! Thanks for any help, DamnedPeople. :)