February 27th, 2010

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Alright...so i'm looking for a *good* non-evasive chiropractor near clackamas town center. Thanks in advance! Or any other *i broke my backand need work done on my back* places in the area. I'm open to alternatives

post-midnight first drink

my 21st birthday is tomorrow, & i'd like to go out for a celebratory drink when the clock strikes 12. i've heard portland has weird rules about this. i'm hoping DPers can direct me to a place in SE that will let me in & give me a decent first drink.

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Dear DP hive mind...

Everything on my keyboard works wonderfully. Everything, that is, but the upper case v. What the hell? Lower case v works, everything else works, but god help me if I wish to capitalize venus, vesuvius, or vagina.

What the heck?

I am now leaving, so I can't answer questions, so I probably should have posted this later. I couldn't wait. What the heck is going on? Demons? Electromagnetic fluctuations in the island?


USA vs. Canada

We just got back from the Olympics and it was way more fun watching Olympic hockey from the stands with others than it is watching from our living room. I know some people in this community sometimes watch hockey at Claudia's....is anyone going for the men's gold medal game?

Sorry if this has already been posted. As I said we just got back and I don't have the mental fortitude to look back over a week's worth of postings.
Oct 2010

House hunting

What are your favorite websites/search engines to use for house hunting? (to buy)

I have a few that I like, but no one single site stands out as a great way to search. I am hoping others can point me to some great ones.
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So in the next few weeks I'm going to be apartment hunting. I've neeeever done this before, so:

Any tips for a newb in apartment hunting?

Moving with a friend who currently is out of town. We know we want a dishwasher, our own laundry (or super close laundrymat if we have to), and 2 bedrooms. We want to be close to the max because I don't have a car and have to keep working, and are both current/future college students, so we're poor. Yay!

Where we're looking: We want to live somewhat close to PSU, but are willing to Max commute there. At this point I'm commuting from Hillsboro and have a 45 minute commute, so something less than that is what we want. Not Gresham.

I've never had to schedule appointments with apartments or anything like that before, so I was just wondering if tehre were any dos/don'ts, questions that should be asked that I wouldn't know about.

Also if there are any places I need to stay the hell away from, or places I should totally check out, please let me know! Thanks!

Last weekend of freedom

Dear Portlanders,

If this were your last weekend with your significant other before popping out a baby, what would you do, where would you go and what yummy food would you eat? I'm thinking it would be fun to try out one or two new restaurants but with so many to choose from I don't know where to start. So, I'd like to hear your favorites! We are going to Kennedy School for a movie tonight and want to hit up a new restaurant for dinner. Yes, I know KS serves food but I want something NEW. Plus we've got breakfast tomorrow! What are your favorite breakfast establishments? We ate at Broder last week and LOVED it. I enjoyed having something different. So, plus points for "different". Also, I've heard several of you mention that Pix is not really worth it. Any other yummy semi fancy dessert places you would recommend? I would love to try out some "grown up" places, as the next few years will be spent at family friendly establishments for the most part. Heh. Your input is greatly appreciated!

New poetry collection!

Hey all,

Portland's Platinum Posse Arts & Activism Collective is super proud and beaming to announce its first publication, a poetry chapbook with poems from several Portland artists. Want to see a copy of our new chapbook? We're happy to send you one! Send us a stamped envelope w. your address on it, to PPAAC - 737 NE Skidmore Street -- Portland OR 97211, and we'll put a copy of the chapbook (called "The Moral of the Poem Is") in the mail to you!

house in the sky

after 5 years in this community, I'm entitled to some shameless promotion, right?

Hi. I'd like to take a break from snark and absurd random posting to tell you about a newly re-opened local business I'm a part of. Mudai Lounge is in the upstairs space at 801 NE Broadway and was recently re-opened by my roommate and a few friends. It's a bar above an Ethipoian restaurant that used to be a house. The homey atmosphere is still there, and we're also turning it into a space for art, music, and other creative endeavors. Tonight, in a very last-minute performance, we're hosting our first run of live bands. we've got:

Wild Yaks (Brooklyn, NY)
The Woolen Men
Whale Warrior

The show is totally FREE. Music starts 8:30-ish. Yummy Ethiopian cuisine is available until late every night. We're very interested in being an incubator for creative efforts in the Irvington neighborhood and beyond. Starting in late March, we will be hosting live music every Friday night and have DJs every Saturday.

Stop on by sometime if you're in the neighborhood. Thanks. You can now return to snarks and cat macros.

What are you doing tonight?

Well folks I a fire in the fireplace (mm-mm arson goodness) and a glass of red wine waiting for later. Legend of the Seeker is on the tv (roommate is a fan, I keep telling her to look at what happened to Zena Warrior Princess but she ignores me). I have on LJ where there are bars opening and shows happening so tell me what are your plans for this wonderful end of February Saturday night?
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Looking for House/Apartment!

Hey There!

My partner and I are looking to rent an apartment or house starting April 1st. We are awesome people, and are looking to pay $850 and below a month. We DO have a 3 year old Boston Terrier who is the Bee's Knees. Completely potty trained.

We would LOVE to find a place with a washer/dryer in the unit, and also would LOVE to have a private patio where we can let our dog out to pee, instead of having to find a nice grassy area all the time. We are open to different areas, so if you know of any place PLEASE let me know!