February 26th, 2010

What is with people this month?

A female pedestrian was struck by a westbound MAX train at SW Baseline in Beaverton around 10:20 a.m. The crossing gates were down; the pedestrian went around the downed gates. Service is disrupted while an investigation is under way. Shuttle buses will carry riders between Merlo/SW 158th Ave and Hatfield Government Center stations. Riders should expect delays.
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I was all up on IRC, and I was like 'Where is our NLC"

So I was wondering when this was going to get set off, and it looks like it is once again devolving upon me to to the setting off.

I was just flashing back to riding in a Greyhound bus across southern Wyoming, listening to the Pretenders on my Walkman, which didn't play very well. And I was looking at the fences they put up to stop the drifting snow, and listening to the song about "two thousand miles". 2000 miles is very far indeed.

Ah, but the song that we refer to is "who can explain, the thunder and rain, unless there is something in the air", which is how NLC clubs sometimes form, just like something in the air. Although of course, Chryssie Hynde is really talking about true love.

So, for your response to this week's NLC, our topics are:

1. Traveling across Wyoming
2. Traveling via Greyhound
3. The last time you used a Walkman
4. Chrissie Hynde
5. Feelings of ineffability
6. True love

I am sure that you have feelings about some of those!