February 24th, 2010

You and I....

You and I... We've playfully taunted each other on DamnPortlanders. Maybe I made a comment or two on one of your posts, maybe you commented on one of mine. Obviously it was magical.

Then there's all of you that I haven't interacted with - trust me, it was STILL magical. If it makes you feel any better I still feel strongly for you. Even if I didn't know you existed.

You see, I haven't done much with this ol' LiveJournal account - with the exception of watching DP, but now that work has opened up the interwebs I think I'd like to visit here and read about your lives, and maybe have you read about mine.

Especially if you’re the artistic type, a comic book nerd, or you really jive to those Indie tunes (no- not Fallout Boy, I mean the other type of Indie). In any respect I'm on here oh DP so I can hit you up all at one time and say "Friend Me" so as to avoid the creepy stalking and awkward back and forth for me to do it one at a time.

So what do you say Portland? It's Portland related, because I'm trying to get inside your heads.
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Hawthorne Bridge Weirdness

So, I have been trapped a few times in the past couple of weeks, sitting on the Hawthorne bridge while it's raised. It made my sweetie late for a post lunch meeting one time. From a car on the bridge, I was unable to see what manner of vessel was traveling the river. Monday, while having lunch in Vera Katz park, I watched the bridge being raised, and for sures, there was no ship or boat. Not even a jet ski...

WTF? anyone have any insight why they would inconvenience people in the middle of the day to cycle the drawbridge? Does it need exercise every few hours? Random timer? Bored operators? Someone on DP must know...
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my kingdom for a background!

So my computer doesn't show me backgrounds on teh interwebz. No idea why. I honestly couldn't tell you if it's been like this forever - it's over 7 years old. It's been like this for the past several years, anyway. Now, Firefox has a setting whereby you can tell it "use my color scheme instead of the one the website has in place" that I turned on at one point because I wanted to know which links I'd clicked and which I hadn't (very useful when trick-showing on a sim game I play - long story). However, I have long since disabled that choice (or, rather, enabled the one that says "let the webpage use its own colors and not the ones I chose up there"), and nothing has changed. This is mildly annoying (and startling, when I log on to LJ at work and get reminded that I have it set to a rather violent shade of pink) - but has become a huge annoyance when I became an alpha tester on a new sim game - whose map links are all apparently part of a background image and I can't see them at all. At this point, I know roughly where on the page they are and I can hover my mouse around until it becomes a clicky-hand, then hover some more until it confirms which one it is, but it's making me CRAZY.

Furthermore, it's doing it in IE as well. So clearly it is unrelated to any Firefox settings. This leads me to believe that it's somewhere in my system settings - but I haven't the first clue where to look to find such a setting and change it. Any ideas? Someone once told me that it was because my computer had such low memory, but a) that sounds like a load of bull, and b) I recently upgraded from 256 mg to a gig (and would like to go to 2 gig soon) and nothing has changed.

I have a Dell laptop (Inspiron 8500), running Windows XP Professional. And yes, I know, Dells are horrible, Microsoft is the devil, this never would have happened on a Mac, etc. Can we get past that and on to the helpful stuff soon?

ETA in demonstration: I can't see it, of course, but Wolf Home used to have a background image of a werewolf holding the moon in it's front paws on the login screen (I've seen it at work, though I haven't been to the site in a year or more, so I don't know if it's still there). However, this is how my computer shows it to me.

ETA again

Hey look! There is a werewolf!
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Hey mods, what is UP with the tag system up in here? SHEESH.

Anyway, feeling a little nostalgic for the days I used to stack my quarters on Pac-Man so I could learn the 9th key pattern, or watch in awe as some fellow pimple-faced nerdboy managed to operate all of the buttons on Defender ... sooooo, I am looking for songs (or remixes thereof) that sample arcade video game sound effects and/or music. All googling turns up are various links to hip-hop songs that do this, in which I am not particularly interested.

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(no subject)

I'm around three weeks away from popping a baby out at Sunnyside Keizer.

Have you had a baby at Sunnyside Keizer? Know anyone who has? Let's hear your story.

well to begin with, it is the Italian court system....


but how do you feel about internet systems being held accountable for their video content?
Is it good because it brings to light how sadistic and stupid humans can be?
Or is it holding a company responsible for something beyond their control?

Poll #1530187 Should Google(or youtube) be held accountable?

Should an internet company be held responsible for the content of what is posted on their site?

hell yes!
hell no!
only if it is against the law?
only if it directly effects me, the rest of you do not matter
who cares!
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Men's Manicure?

Hello, DamnPortlanders.

After being a nail biter for most of my life, I've just recently managed to finally break myself of that nasty habit. For pretty much the first time ever, I have proper fingernails.

And I have no idea what to do with them.

Partly as a reward for myself, partly as an introduction into how to care for these things, and partly to get them looking attractive, I'm in the market for a place that does good manicures.

A big bonus for a place that is skilled at doing manicures for men and that is somewhere on the east side of the river. Thanks in advance!
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Fashionable inquiry

Does anyone know of any stores in Portland where one with curves could find cute dresses? I'm being taken out on my 21st birthday and I'm getting the feeling jeans and a t-shirt aren't going to cut it, so I was hoping to find a nice little black dress or something fun. Even websites would help!


Do any of you fine geeks have a buddy code from Star Trek Online? I'd like to give the game a try before spending fifty ducats on it, not to mention monthly fees.