February 23rd, 2010

Tea whores unite secretly

February Meetup TODAY (technically)

It's that time of the month again! Meetup today, I realize I forgot to post yesterday... or at least one other time besides a week ago- blame life outside of the internet! SHOCK!

As per usual, it's at McMenamin's Tavern and Pool!

1716 Northwest 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97210

7pm, minors welcome until 10!

Hope to see a good turn out this month, I told them 15 people, but we could probably hijack tables, it's never been terribly busy since we've started going there!
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slightly different dental question

When I was going through the tags, pretty much everything I came across was related to dental help with no insurance.

I've just gotten health insurance for pretty much the first time in my life... which is great news, especially because I have I tooth that just chipped. I also have other dental issues, because it's been so long since I've been able to afford a dentist. What I'm wondering is if anyone has any suggestions for a dentist that they love, that can help me make the most out of the limited amount of dental coverage I have. Extra super bonus if they won't hassle me too much about the crappy state of my teeth... I'm already more than aware that I should have been to the dentist a long time ago, I don't really need to be reminded.
summer city

(no subject)

any tips on good bars, preferably with cheap drinks, where we could watch the olympic hockey games? today at 4:30 canada is playing germany, and the women's medal game between canada and the USA is on thursday. vegan-friendly is a plus, inner city or inner SE would be excellent.

thanks for your guidance, pdx.

Helloo room for rent/bike for sale.

Hi guys. I know this probably isn't the best place to put these things (or is it?) but I thought I'd stop in real quick and say hello and thank you all for the ones who came to the indoor moving sale my roommates and I had a couple months ago- it was a great success and lots of fun.

I also have a friend who lives in a really cool apartment right off of Alberta and one street west of 33rd across from New Seasons. The bedroom for rent is $450 but it's a huge room and a great location. He is looking for anyone who is respectful and quiet enough, and if you have your own furniture and such that is fine because his current roommate is taking pretty much everything out of the common areas. He is a really nice guy- 29 PSU student with a girlfriend in Seattle so he is gone pretty much every other weekend visiting.


I'm also getting rid of my Univega bike because it's just a tad too big for me and it's uncomfortable to ride long distances.


I'm probably willing to go less on the bike but the rent for that room is a set price, as you may have guessed. :)

Thanks again everyone, always a wonderful success posting things here!
Zombie Lisa

(no subject)

I am looking at having a Halloween themed wedding in a year or two. I would like to track down someone willing to dress up and play along to be the officiant. I am not looking for a religious gathering just something fun that will fit the spooky theme. Any hints or ideas where to start this search? 
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RAM tough...

Anyone got some RAM for a Dell Dimension 8400 just laying around? Dells are stupid-picky about their rams. For sure.

In before "get a new computer, Mac never breaks, run Linux, Dells suck," etc.

EDIT: handled! Thanks, Portland!


I swear the blazers are cursed when it comes to big men.

Portland just traded for Marcus Camby, what, 10 days ago? He rolled his ankle in the game tonight. I can't find any news about it yet, but this seriously sucks. We lose our big guys to injuries, trade for a new one and then he gets hurt.

This sucks.
hammer time

A victory for reason in the UK! :)

MPs deliver their damning verdict: Homeopathy is useless and unethical

Homeopaths are evoking grand conspiracies to explain the Science and Technology Committee's brutal report, but in reality they were undone by their own bizarre pronouncements

Today the Science and Technology Select Committee delivered its verdict on homeopathy and it was devastating. The committee has called for the complete withdrawal of NHS funding and official licensing of homeopathy.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who witnessed the almost farcical nature of the proceedings, with the elite of homeopathy mocked by their own testimony. Peter Fisher, director of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, spewed forth the sort of dialogue that wouldn't look out of place in a Terry Pratchett novel. As the report drily observes:

"Dr Fisher stated that the process of 'shaking is important' but was unable to say how much shaking was required. He said 'that has not been fully investigated' but did tell us that 'You have to shake it vigorously [...] if you just stir it gently, it does not work'.

Quite. It's hard to say which is more ridiculous: the sight of a grown man speaking this nonsense, or the fact that after 200 years homeopaths apparenly haven't bothered to "fully investigate" how much shaking is required for their remedies to work. And yet, bizarrely, these people expect to be taken seriously.

( Read more... )

Now if only they could convince folks in PDX. What has two thumbs and higher health premiums since his company added this crap to the insurance?

Whoa. 2 posts in one day!

Someone stole a check from one of my friends. They took it out of the mailbox, and somehow took all their money, including their savings, and an extra $1400. There is no carbon copy of the check, and this person has NEVER taken out this much money before. In fact, they can't even remember a time they've over drawn their account.

How would one go about getting their money back in this situation? Or at least make it back in the positive?
Shut the ##%$% up, Aaron!
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Oooh, lookit the art!

I'm not a First Thursday maven, but I get drawn into the art scene because of my friends and friends of friends who are artists (mostly cartoonists).

This is pretty cool - Brittany Powell's work, which uses contact paper to make scenes or Warholian pop art from catalogs. Her latest exhibit will be at Reading Frenzy soon.

What I like is her Postcards from Here project, where she put containers of postcards of the view at that exact spot at various places around the PSU campus. Odd, meta, but weirdly pleasing to me.