February 22nd, 2010

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A Sea Change--Free Family Friendly Movie (Vancouver, Wa)


A Sea Change
Wednesday, March 10th
Clark Public Utilities
Vancouver, Washington


An international film festival selection for the whole family.
Our oceans are changing.

Retired educator and concerned grandfather, Sven Huseby
stumbles upon startling information. Come and join Sven
as he travels to Norway and the Pacific Northwest to better
understand the science and biology behind the drastic ocean changes.
Hear how pteropods are finding it difficult to survive.

Everyone Welcome. No Fee.

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more free stuff

Anyone here in need of twin-sized bunk-mattresses? I've got two of them.

We used these for the kids right on the floor before moving them into bunks, but we've graduated to full-scale box spring mattress sets and now I've got these kid mattresses with nifty little designs on them (hot air balloons, and space-invaders?) available. They're not super fancy, but we've been keeping em in zippered waterproof sheets so they're in decent shape.

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Xmas Socks

Want to Audition for Leverage?

I have a friend who works for Lana Venkeer and she's looking for a Caucasian man 28-40 who speaks fluent/native Italian & is interested in auditioning for "LEVERAGE" tomorrow. Is this you? Send me an email/post here and I'll pass along your name, age and email! star512 at hotmail dot com

ETA: Found this on Craigslist so you can forward your info on directly!
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Vagabond Opera T-Shirt Design Contest!

Here are the details...

Design MUST be monochrome... white design on a black background.
Image MUST be in .ai, .pdf, .eps, or .psd... no JPGS!
File be at LEAST 300 DPI.

Awesome prizes await! Fame and glory!

All submissions must be in by May 1st, at 11:59:59pm!
Email all submissions to vagablogopera at gmail dot com!
Contest is open to everyone!
dripping hair
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Victoria vs. Vancouver BC

Ok DPers

It's do or die.

If you had to choose between spending 3-4 days in one PNW Canadian city which would it be and why:

Victoria or Vancouver, BC

If time matters, think spring (Mayish). If money matters, we're kinda poor (read staying in hostels but could splurge on the right thing).


Nosey Mondaydom

Do you like your job?

Do you love your job? What percentage of the time?

What do you do? What attracted you about it? How did you find it?

Conversely, do you hate your job? What's keeping you there? (Is it because you don't have The Secret?)

What was your track like? (Full disclosure: bonus points* given for sharp curves, or even full stops.)

Also anything you got on the philosophical framework of vocation-finding. That is, do you subscribe to the idea that you can be basically anything you want? That there is something you're "meant" to be doing? That "loving" your job is a reasonable expectation that should be given top priority when selecting an occupation? Do you have a sense of having "arrived?" Or is all that merely sentimental pap enjoyed by those afforded the luxury of choice, while the silent majority is largely bound by economic/practical constraints? Or, shit, maybe just fuck it and just get a job that isn't so stressful it activates your autoimmune disease and just live the rest of your life the way you want it?

Bonus bonus*: what's your Meyers-Briggs indicator? (INTP here)

*bonus points redeemable for gold stars.


Any tips for applying for food stamps? I've looked at the website and such but I'm interested in hearing about your actual experiences. How easy was it to get an appointment? How long did you have to wait? I've heard horror stories/urban legends about people going to the offices and then having to wait all day/go back for multiple appointments etc.--true? Is there anything I can do to make the process easier? Also, is the estimated benefits calculator that's online at all accurate?