February 20th, 2010


REI return question

I have heard REI has a ridiculously forgiving return policy. I found a bike in my basement from REI. The chain is rusted, wheels are flat, but it's still in one piece. If i had to guess it's a few years old at least. Any idea if they would still take it? If so, what would they give me for it since it's probably a model they no longer stock?


Looking for icon of the hipster guy

Hi there,

This may be a somewhat weird question but... I was browsing around a couple of months ago and there was this period of time in which many people had this icon of a picture of this guy... Looks like he was in his early 20's, and he was wearing a blue shirt, I think. Short light brown hair. Maybe he had an earring? Does anyone know what I mean? Who is this guy? And does anyone have that icon?

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Virgo and Pisces

I'm trying to make reservations at the restaurant Virgo and Pisces on the corner of 21st and Glisan. I've never been there but a friend recommended it to me. I tried calling their number (503 517 8855) only to receive an automated recording saying it's not in service. I called 411, and was told the restaurant isn't listed!

Does this restaurant still exist? I'd like to know that before I drive 11 people there.


ETA: Never mind, apparently they closed a few weeks ago. Bummer!
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lamp rewiring/repair

I thought I had seen this request before so I checked the tags and I did find this: http://community.livejournal.com/damnportlanders/12575800.html - but the question doesn't get properly answered there.  I have a couple lamps (stand and table) that need some minor repair work that is still more than I can do myself (some parts are broken & need replacing) - anyone have a recommendation?  I saw signs for Bliss Lamp Rewiring or some such like that but when I google them they have two bad reviews (one who accidentally gave them 5 stars, so their star rating is artificially elevated).

In return, I give you this:
Collapse )If your low back hurts and you want to get treated for free, here is one option.
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Free Leather Couch

A neighbor of mine just put what looks like a really nice leather couch out in their front yard with a "free" sign on it.  If I had any room to put it, I'd take it myself, but since I don't, I figured I'd put up a notice here.  It's on the SE corner of the intersection of SE 34th and SE Schiller.

If you've got a pickup truck and the desire for a leather couch, here's your chance.

ETA: looks like someone is taking it. Is it one of y'all?
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donating appliances

I have a washing machine that works fine and I don't need it anymore. Instead of selling it, I would rather donate the washer to a family that needs it.

Are there any organizations in the metro area that do this sort of thing? I don't have the ability to transport it myself, so it would have to be picked up.
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Hey smart DPers,

How do you find out if a property in Portland has an easement on it? I looked through Portland Maps but couldn't find anything there, and searching portlandonline.com is frustrating. 


A strange request . . .

I need to borrow two chairs for a college play.

I'm looking for something sleek and modern, in grayscale(black, black and white, black and gray, white, etc.), most patterns I think would be okay except for something really garish like black and white checkers or houndstooth. Think something you'd find in a apartment or condo in the Pearl. The seat should be upholstered and preferably the back as well, unless your chair is very distinct. I am trying to lean more toward something with a living room look than what one would find in a dining room.

I would need to borrow them until March 15th.

I can pick them up and drop them off from your location.

They would be stored in a locked and alarmed facility and would only be utilized during actual performances and dress rehearsals.

They would be returned to you in the same condition in which they were borrowed.

You would be compensated by free admission to performances, your name listed in the program, and of course dozens of thank yous.

If you are a business, it is possible to offer some advertising in the program or lobby.

Please and thank you for your help.

For those of you who have worked at Stream...

I was wondering if any of you that worked at Stream on the Adobe account as a CSR remembered what our sales incentives were. I know we got some amount based on what our sales were but I just can't remember the numbers. I think that we got 10% of what our sales were but maybe I'm remembering wrong. It's for a paper I'm writing about compensation. Estimates are okay. Were there any other incentives other than sales?