February 19th, 2010

  • typsie

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Hey folks :D I hate to spam, but I thought this was kind of funny -

I had plans to go to EaT: An Oyster Bar on Monday with some friends. Then I pull up today's Groupon and it's a 50% off deal for THAT VERY RESTAURANT. $12 for a $25 gift certificate! And you can use 2 per table! Badassss!

Buy this Groupon! Doooo it! Oysters! (not vegan, haha)

Combine this with having an awesome job interview this morning, and a dream last night about Obama helping me level up in some kind of real-life RPG, and I am one super happy girl on this Friday.

Hey how about another politics thread?

I can't help but notice that nobody in the news is calling Joseph Stack a terrorist. Some people are even twisting themselves into knots trying to come up with a reason why he isn't a terrorist.

I thought terrorism was an act of political speech that involves violence against innocents/civilians.

But that dude who shot up Ft Hood and clearly went out of his way to only shoot people in uniform was a Muslim and the media labeled him a terrorist.

Is terrorism something that only Muslims and brown people do?

Motor Weenies

So you people who apparently only wide your motor bikes in the sunshine... what the fuck do you do for transportation the rest of the year? Bus? Drive? Obviously, you don't bike.

I only ask 'cause suddenly every spot I usually bike my weather wore scooter at are horded by motorbike FAR superior to mine that have suddenly appeared to sunbathe or some shit.