February 18th, 2010

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Help me remember the name of an 80s band

EDIT: It's Basia. :D

It's imperative to my sanity that I remember this.

Description: Female vocals (perhaps black), might be a duet or layered vocal tracks. Saxophone. Pop, smooth-jaz. Early to mid 80s? Maybe even hanging around on the radio until the early 90s. Date ranges could be off (memory bad) but certainly no later than mid 90s. Sort of similar to Sade. I can't remember song names/lyrics.

Potential band name: Porsha. Googling this name din't turn anything band-related up. It might be spelled differently, or I might be completely wrong with the name here.

My mom used to play tapes of this group alongside tapes of Kenny-G. Asking my mom isn't an option.


not the subway

I was walking around downtown them other day with my son when we came across something that looked like subway entryways but weren't. So says there are at least half a dozen on these narrow blue subway boxes around.

What are these things?

Portland has never had any subways has it?

I'll post a picture if needed.



okay, let's try this again. STUFF FOR SALE!

Hey DP -- My financial situation is dire right now, so I'm selling the few things of monetary value that I've got. I'm not quite to the point of completely panicking, so if you wait a week I might repost these with the prices slashed in half. Wait. Pretend I didn't say that.

$175 in REI credit for $125!
iPod Touch 3rd Gen | 8GB | Almost Brand New - $160
Marmot Rain Jacket | Black | $60 off store price! - $90
Benchmade Griptilian 551 Serrated Locking Knife - $65


herbal medicine!

So, after years of getting distracted by other wonderful things, I'm finally teaching myself how to prepare + use herbal medicine. This is one of those things that I think would be a lot easier to learn with the help of people, and not just books. So, yeah! Let's learn about herbs together!

If anyone out there already knows a bit (or a lot), and wants to share their wisdom, that'd be great. Maybe we could even organize some large-ish skillshares?

Also: are there any kinda groups that already meet on this topic? What other resources are there in town that I should know about? THANKS!

Bikes need new, loving homes

I've been a bad bike caretaker - since having knee injury complications, I've neglected my bikes and need to rehome them to loving owners that will ride 'em, spritz on some chain oil, wiggle their cables, and provide a warm n dry corner to keep them in (they're currently banished outside in the weather). In return, they will get you where you need to go, and can help you haul your stuff too.

- 83 Schwinn Traveler 12 speed roadbike, 23" men's frame, Chromoly, wine metallic, standard ramshorn bars $130

- Pair of Schwinn "Mesa Runner" old style mountain bikes, early eighties, upright bars, springer seats, rear book racks
60 each or 110 for both

- early 90s Diamondback Apex 18" mountain frame, Mag 10 front fork, flat bar, classic b&w squiggle paint - just add a saddle and a wheelset and it's good-to-go $80

email to: guitarstories@ aol dot com

Because Portlanders love a deal.

Best buy is having a sale on DVDs right now. They've got some new releases for $9.99 and some not-so-new ones for $7.99.

Some $9.99 movies include: Law Abiding Citizen, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Hangover, The Final Destination 3-D, and UP.

Here is a link to what movies they have on sale: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olstemplatemapper.jsp?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&_dynSessConf=5227996532683362339&id=pcat17071&type=page&ks=960&st=TV_Sale_20100214&sc=Global&cp=1&sp=&qp=crootcategoryid%23%23-1%23%23-1~~q54565f53616c655f3230313030323134~~ccat02015%23%230%23%23k~~nf535||445644&list=y&usc=All+Categories&nrp=15&iht=n

There's more (like the $7.99 ones) that I saw in an actual store. So yeah, cheap movies!


So let's just say you had more than a little time on your hands, were on the verge of a full on financial f*ck it all, and felt like maybe taking a walk from Canada to Mexico (or Mexico to Canada) via the PCT, what GPS unit might you buy?
And maybe you were thinking of a shorter trek but thought a gps unit was still a good idea, is there a different unit you'd buy?

Viva La Recession!
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