February 17th, 2010


Volunteer opportunities for seniors?

Hey DPers! I am looking for some ideas.

I work at a day center for seniors and disabled adults in NE Portland. What I'm looking for are ideas for activities they can do to give back to the community somehow. There is a wide range in the mental and physical abilities of our participants but the average age is 70 and most suffer some level of dementia, so of course there are limits to what they can handle. And whatever they do would need to be at the day center. To give you some context, some of the current activities they do on a regular basis include art therapy, music therapy, seated exercise, and word games.

What do you think? I just really like the idea of getting them more involved in their community.


The other day a lady approached me (I was in the Pearl district for work) asking for a particular restaurant and I said it was in the SE. I watched her facial expressions go from inquisitive/pleasant to that of a horror stricken damsel in distress. She then managed to utter the words "Oh my! That's on the east side!"

Why the hate???

more jack

Moving company recommendation?

Next month we are moving from North Portland to SE.  I want to hire movers.  I have done this in the past and find it infinitely worth the money to have strangers move my stuff across town in a few hours.  At the end of the day, my friends still like me, aren't injured and if my stuff gets broken, someone else will pay for it.  

In the past I have used Super Movers.  For (roughly) $300, I got two guys for 3 hours, and that was all it took.  I'm expecting it will be a similar amount of time, maybe more as we have more furniture now.  Two story (two bedroom)  house with basement and lots of furniture, moving across town into same type of house.

So...anyone have a personal recommendation with a ballpark price?  Much appreciated in advance.
Red Hair

Yurt on the beach

I tried searching through the tags and such, but didn't find what I was looking for. Anyone know of any Yurts that have a view of the ocean, on the beach, or within a short walk to the beach?

The hubs and I would like to stay in one at least once. :)

Thank you in advance,
Norma :)

Another "where can I find this now that X is closed" post

I recently heard that It's A Beautiful Pizza closed down. What a crime! Anyway, I am householding with a serious omnivore who's allergic to milk products, and their soy cheese allowed us to order out for pizza... I know other places can just do cheese-free, but he doesn't like that as much.

Anyway, can anyone recommend another pizza place in town which has soy or other substitute cheese and also serves meat?

Thanks a bunch!


A pedestrian trespassing in the right of way was struck by a westbound Blue Line train around 10:20 p.m. between the Ruby Junction/E 197th Ave and Gresham City Hall MAX stations.

The area of the collision is wooded with no approved pedestrian access.

The victim was a male, she said, but no name or other identification was released.

TriMet officers as well as city police responded to the scene along Northeast Eighth Street, not far from Gresham City Hall.

The train, which had passengers aboard, stopped at the scene. Service was disrupted as an investigation started.

Shuttle buses were dispatched to carry riders between Rockwood/East 188th Avenue and Cleveland Avenue sites. Travelers should expect delays until at least 1 a.m., Witt said.

More details as they become available.