February 16th, 2010

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February Meetup

Exactly a week from today is the lovely February meetup!

As per usual, it's at McMenamin's Tavern and Pool!

1716 Northwest 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97210

7pm, minors welcome until 10!

If I could start getting a count of how many people might be there, there might be cake this month! (also so I can call and give them a better number so they have space all nice and set up for us!)

Hope to see you all there!
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Does anyone here have any use for a *twin sized* loft bed?
We'd been using it for the kids as a bunk but they wanted their own rooms and the room it was in is very small so there was only one place we could put it in there.
It's a solid thing, but covered with stickers - so you will have to do a bit of peeling when you re-assemble it. Assembly was really pretty simple - I think it was an IKEA bed, though didnt see the model at the store last time I was there.
Presumably it was something you could make full-sized bunk too, but our kids had a habit of jumping off the thing, so we kept the top mattress at the lower mid-level height.
Needs a mattress (or two, if you plan to use it as a bunk) since we're keeping those.

If you want it, leave me a message! (Should add, the price on it is FREE)

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Laundramat Charges

Poll #1526313 Laundramat Charges

If you use a laundramat or on-site laundry room, how much do you pay per wash or dry cycle?

$0.50 -$0.99 per cycle
$1.00 - $1.49 per cycle
$1.50 - $1.99 per cycle
$2.00 - $2.49 per cycle
$3.00 or more per cycle

Hot Tub Time Machine


www.pdx.fm has 0 spots left for the Hot Tub Time Machine screening next week...

It took 3 mins to give those away!  Thank you DamnPortlanders for the quick and specifically pertinent response that I guess needs to be explained in much deeper detail!

HTTM is John Cusack's new movie and looks like it will be very funny.

pdx.fm is where all the great LIVE Portland talk radio went.

Jay Mackin
Host Body - Unibash Radio
(717) FIST-ASK

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Jesse Jackson is holding a press conference tonight in Northeast Portland, in conjunction with a local rally on police violence against Portland African-Americans. This follows the recent shooting of an Aaron Campbell, an unarmed black man, by police.

One of Portland's 'black' papers, the Skanner, says:

The fact is, we at The Skanner News simply have to warn our readers away from calling the police when they are in a crisis situation. We cannot have faith that innocents won’t get caught in the firing line when trigger-finger officers arrive in force. We need to start solving our own problems. There is a sense in the community of desperation at this situation never seems to change because there are no consequences to the officers who do the shooting.

Oregon Action's Jo Ann Bowman, who has campaigned against racial profiling for years, hopes that people will stay focused on policing issues after Jackson's visit.

One of the commentors on Bowman's Blue Oregon post has this to say:

Good on you Jo Ann Bowman for finally taking it on yourself to post something and great on Jesse Jackson for coming to Portland to remind us just who really is the problem here in the elitist, white, privileged, selfish, falsely liberal, but definitely politely-bigoted NW. Go Jesse go!

Karol Collymore (who ran against Bowman for the open state Senate seat last fall - both of them lost to Chip Shields, who is white, triggering some concerns that no blacks would be left serving in Oregon's legislature; Karol went on to lose a second special election for Shields' former state representative seat to Lew Fredericks, who is black) wonders who is responsible for racial profiling.

Portland's Independent Police Review is opening an investigation of an incident last month where a young black woman was slammed to the ground by police.

locality name on w2s?

I have only one w2 this year and it's handwritten. My boss left the locality name (box 20) blank and I can't find a guide to figure out the name at all. I'm guessing its "Multnomah" or something like that but I want to be sure. Any tips/answers? Thanks!

edit: im using turbo tax and it seems to require an entry for this box to file.
Edit again: I just filled in "Multnomah County" where it asked. If it really doesn't matter I assume that won't fuck things up. Thanks again!
summer city

mardi gras?

hey. i'm in town for two weeks and it's MARDI GRAS! i normally don't celebrate this event but being that i'm on vacation anyway, do you know of anything going on around town that's especially debaucherous this evening? google didn't provide. queer-friendly is a plus.


Stop the radio tax?

So I've been hearing the "Stop the radio tax" ad a lot, that says that there is going to be a tax put on every single song that gets played on the radio and please to be writing your Congressmen and ask that this not happen.

Only problem is that every time I try to go to the website to actually find out more about it all, the website they say in the ad, it makes my internet crash.

But really, is this just bogus "They're THINKING about doing this and we have to stop them!" or is it " This shit is going down NOW!"?

okay, guys.

i'm looking to stockpile used music cds. being that i've never done any cd shopping in portland and the plethora of local music stores leaves my head spinning, i'd greatly appreciate your suggestions as to where to start. to cut it down, let's say east side preferred (but if you know of a kickass place across the river, i'll definitely want to check it out). in particular, i'm looking for three important factors:
- quality condition of discs (hoping for a place that doesn't sell any damaged disks)
- wide variety of genres / extensive library
- fairly priced - less than ten bucks for the average cd

s'il vous plait!
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Anyone know

How long it will take me to go from Milwaukie to Swan Island in the morning on a weekday. Specifically i need to be to Swan Island by 9am. I'll be taking 99e from just before the Sellwood bridge exit to i5 to exit 303 (if that matters to know). It takes me about 20 min. mid day..but that is mid day. I've never done the drive in the am and am not sure how much leeway i need to give myself. thanks!

slide scanning

Hi all,

I know a similar question was recently asked about this, but its not in the tagged posts nor was lj seek helpful: I have a handful of slides I'd like to have digitized in the next week or so - could anyone recommend a local place to have this done? I have 10-12 total, so its not a big job at all.

Thanks much for the help.

Reception Ideas

My partner and I are doing a low-key, low-budget commitment ceremony in April, and I'm trying to figure out a good place to have a reception. We really just want somewhere to gather, eat voodoo donuts and get drinks. We originally wanted to go to Pok Pok, but we're thinking there will be about 20 people, so that's a no-go, space-wise. Any non-dingy bars (preferably in SE) that you'd recommend for a gathering like this?
Summer puppy by ninneve

Writing Workshop Event!

Feeling your creativity being washed away? Join our eight week writing workshop to get your imagination jump started.

Any genre or experience level is welcome as we can draw from each other’s experiences, skills and talents. Bring a journal for time spent free writing to a variety of prompts. We’ll also workshop your individual stories, poems, essays, screenplays, songs or experimental writing piece.

Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm, Sundays March 7-April 25

Where: Writers' Dojo 7518 N. Chicago Ave Portland, OR 97203

Bring: a journal, pen, an open mind

Cost: $10 suggested donation (covers all eight weeks)

Note: Space limited to 15 participants

RSVP either via Facebook event (http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=304746197337) or by sending an email to sari.marie@yahoo.com with "Workshop RSVP" in the subject.