February 14th, 2010

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Yes, I have an indoor/outdoor cat.

I just rescued my neighbor's rottweiler/chow mix from my cat. I had to chase the cat off the porch before she'd let Cody leave. She got him at least once on the nose pretty good before I could separate them. Cody was terrified and hid behind me.

Poor Cody, all he wanted was a midnight milkbone.

Awesome Exersice

I want to lose some weight but can't trust myself to attend a gym regularly or even run around the block more than once a week. I might, however, fool myself into exercising if I find some fun activity that burns calories. Can anyone recommend a fun weight loss activity (preferably in SE). Good examples include: roller skating, some sort of boxing, or possibly a racket sport (squash?). A class might be helpful since it has a regular schedule I can try to keep. Indoors is also a plus since cold weather is one of the excuses I use not to do things.

Thanks kids.
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So I need some songs about obsessive religious devotion and songs about mad science (that aren't Weird Science or She Blinded Me With Science, although an '80s sound would certainly be welcome. For either of those really). Any suggestions? Links are highly appreciated.


Where do you get your alterations done? Quality is much more important than cost.

I have a relatively simple satin dress which needs to be hemmed for a wedding, but I've never needed alterations done in Portland.
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false dichotomy

Would you rather have...

Great friends?


Great ideas?

Sorry, you can only choose one! It is, after all, a false dichotomy intended to clarify your priorities.

Thanks for playing, all. I'm too busy studying (read: procastinating) to play a proper host and comment to you all, but your input is welcome. :)

Myself, great ideas. I would rather stand naked and alone in the cold dimness of pre-dawn, waiting for the grand, first rays of the newly born-again sun to strike and warm me than huddle around the campfire with friends.

In a false dichotomy kind of way, of course. :) In a perfect world, my friends would be up there with me.

Martial arts?

I've recently become interested in learning Judo, Jiu-Jitsu or Aikido. Problem is, I'm a currently unemployed student, and thus I am pretty broke. Also, I'm a fatass. I want to learn in an environment where I won't feel like a loser outsider for being overweight, but where I also won't be coddled. I know PSU (where I go to school) has some limited classes... I guess I'm just looking to hear from people with experience taking martial arts classes in Portland. Where do you go? Do you like it? Is it cheap? Will all the buzzcut-having hardbodies make fun of me for being the uncoordinated fatty girl?

let's make a difference in the world.

There are a lot of bad things in the world: terrorism, climate change, white slavery. I can't really do anything about these things though, so I guess I'll have to get used to them.

What I can't get used to, what I really think we ought to work toward is eliminating improper usage of your/you're on the internet. It could save many lives. Millions of lives, really. Maybe billions.

Obviously education isn't the answer. Most people on the internet have already passed 4th grade, so they already know how to use them correctly. They just don't care. So how can we make them care? I'm thinking public humiliation might have some effect. Perhaps instant goatse on the first offense, building up to a mandatory embarrassing youtube video of the offender for the third. I don't know where it would go from there. Any ideas?

And for those of you who think I'm over-reacting, #yourdoing2much is currently a trending topic on twitter.

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Anyone know of any salons or stylists that know a thing or two about vintage hair cuts, mostly from the 1940's era? I've gone in to a couple of places asking for a simple 'middy' cut and they don't seem to know what I'm talking about. It would also be nice to get some advice from a person IRL that knows how to do the vintage sort of styles I'm trying to attempt. Youtube just isn't enough for me anymore. :/