February 13th, 2010

Nom nom nom nom

OK, I'm looking for a word here...

I know this word exists, I've used it before, but I'm having trouble defining it simply enough to allow me to use a thesaurus as a reverse-dictionary.  So I'm asking you, o wise and wonderful DPers.

The word describes behavior that is detrimental (or at least unhelpful) to its own ends, once those ends are achieved.  For example, if someone is really good at flirting, they may find that it's very easy to get themselves into relationships, but if they don't have other relationship skills, the relationship goes sour and maybe they get flirty with someone else, ending the first relationship and starting a new one.

That's just an example.  Another might be great job interview skills, where you might work really hard on those skills, and they land you a job that you have for 20 years, during which time those skills lapse as they're unnecessary during the career they helped you attain.

I'm pretty sure the word starts with the letter 'a', and has a 'ch' somewhere in it, but when I think about it that way, the only one I can think of is "anachronism", which isn't right.

Does anyone know what this word is?  Help!