February 12th, 2010

Buster perplexed
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Willamette U venue?

I want to go see a concert (Japandroids / Avi Buffalo) - according to their tour schedule they are playing on April 24th at Willamette University in Salem Oregon.

Despite Googling and poking around the Willamette University web site, I have not been able to pull up the exact venue/location where this is taking place. I want to know how much it costs, whether it's open to the public, and if I can buy a ticket in advance.

Anybody know what venue at WU usually hosts stuff like this? Thanks buds.
whole band

Valentine's Day Event Tomorrow Night!

Hello Portlanders!

If you're still looking for a V-Day Event, we're performing tomorrow night at the Wonder Ballroom with Pepe and the Bottle Blondes and the Shanghai Woolies! The event features Moonstruck Chocolates and a kissing booth with a full menu.

There are some special discount tickets sold, but on a hush-hush first come first serve basis before the show tomorrow, so leave a comment if you're interested and we can give you the inside scoop!


Dating Etiquette

I don't drink. I don't care about other people's drinking, just my own. I go to bars, like bar culture, et al.

If I ask a girl out for drinks, then proceed to not drink while "out for drinks"; is that the creepy? I know there's other things to do besides going out for drinks, but whatever. This is Portland.
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Monday Night iPhone Programming

Just a reminder, some of us will be meeting up at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne every Monday night at 7pm to discuss the Stanford iPhone Programming course and other topics too, I'm sure.

So far there's just a couple of us, but anyone is welcome to come hang out, drink beers and talk about making dumb apps like the above. :D


So, I would really love to file my taxes a few weeks ago, but I'm still waiting on a 1099 form for $800 that I made from a very flaky person about a year ago. I emailed him and his secretary said she was checking it out, but it's halfway through february for chrissakes. Am I just stuck until I get it, or is there some other way to report income if the source is an idiot and doesn't send you documentation?

The No Life Club insists that you prove your devotion:

There seems to be a lot of people who want to brag about how they are part of the No Life Club.
But then we also hear about them taking trips, eating cupcakes, and going on zombie themed bike rides.
So in tonight's VERY SPECIAL EPISODE of the No Life Club, we are going to (if we choose) submit PICTORIAL PROOF of what losers we are.

Examples could include:
Pictures of you holding your complete collection of Piers Anthony novels.
A picture of your computer area, resplendent with crumbled up potato chip bags.
A lego model of the world's largest grain silo you made.
Your biggest ball of rubber bands and/or twine.

Of course, you can also (as always) just talk about random stuff here. But wouldn't you rather prove what a loser you are?

free film fest tickets

who wants two free tickets to see a swedish thriller/crime film tonight? it's called (don't mind the stupid name) 'the girl with the dragon tattoo' and it's playing at the portland art museum at 9pm, but you should get there by 8:50 at the absolute latest to ensure that you get a seat. i'm way too sick to go. you'd just have to pick the tickets up from me (inner se). i'd hate to see them go to waste. comment if you're interested.

Best place to buy used furniture?


I'm getting discouraged about chasing after people with free stuff on CL/freecycle and am looking for a thrift shop with a broad selection of cheap used furniture. I'm looking for things like kitchen chairs, a coffee table, and if I'm feeling really crazy, a small sofa. Quality unimportant (I'm a grad student).

Can anyone recommend such a place? Thanks!

ETA: Thanks for the recommendations. Of the places mentioned, I can heartily recommend Finders Keepers; I also recommend one place that wasn't, City Liquidators on SE 3rd and Belmont. The latter has more or less all imaginable furniture needs; office-esque furniture is dirt cheap and everything else is pretty cheap.