February 11th, 2010


worthwhile free event tonight: reading at Powells

Myrlin Hermes reads from her new book, The Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet. It's a really great book (I read an advance copy); Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, enmeshed in a bisexual love triangle with Horatio and the Dark Lady from Shakespeare's sonnets. It works. It's hot. And brainy. So is Ms. Hermes. And hey, like most readings (damn you, Neil Gaiman!), it costs nothing. Free entertainment!

The usual time and place: 7:30, Powells City of Books (downtown store).

ETA: Some good reviews that tell it straight (so to speak): Oregonian and Portland Monthly

School assignment

Hey DPers!
I have an assignment in my Speech Communication class to interview a person who has been in the United States 5 years or less. I am to ask them questions about how life and communication is different here from their home culture. My problem is I know of no one that has been here 5 years or less let alone 8 years.
So DP if you yourself are an immigrant to this country of less than 5 years or know someone who is and wouldn't mind being asked 5-7 questions about communication and your home culture at a coffee shop near your home please email me and I will get a hold of you to arrange a time and place.
Thank you so much!
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Rape support groups

Please move along if you have nothing but snark in you...
Does anyone here have personal experience/current or past participation with a local rape support group? I googled but wasn't having much luck; I am looking for a support group/counseling type scenario in order to deal with a recently-generated PTSD situation involving a long-past abusive relationship; I have a counselor, but she is out of town for a few weeks and I wanted to see if there was anything available short term.

Thank you.

Taxes with an errant spouse?

So I'm trying to get the whole filing my taxes on the road but I have a problem. I'm married, but we're separated, and from what I understand, I need his information in order to file separately. A month and a half ago, we had decided to file together, but he's been unreachable and keeps telling me that he doesn't have the time or the money.

So, how does one file taxes while still married when the other person is refusing to cooperate and withholding information from you? I've e-mailed him a few times about this and so far I've gotten nothing back. I have no idea what to do. Google brings up a lot of "How to file your taxes" and "How to file together" stuff, but not much of anything about filing when you don't have any of your spouses information.


EDIT: Information obtained and situation resolved. I have the information I need. Thank you guys!
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Ohhhh my. So I went and set up my Comcast service at my new apartment today. I opted for online because it seemed easier...so you fill EVERYTHING out, schedule an installation time, etc...the final step is to "live chat" for...God knows what reason really. I WANT this guy's job, it seems so ridiculous that he basically copied 'n' pasted everything but added exclamation points. Needless to say, I laughed a lot at work while this was going on...Anyone else do this?

I added my favorite bits of the conversation.

Danny>Hello Jessica_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Danny. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Danny>It is nice to have you in chat. How are you doing today?
Danny>Great!!! I am very glad to know that.
Danny>How can I help you today Jessica?
Jessica_>I was just setting up service and it routed me here for the last step
Danny>That is correct!!! This is the right department, I will be more than glad to complete your order.

Danny(Thu Feb 11 18:58:11 PST 2010)>I can see you are interested in our Digital Preferred with Performance - Special Offer with one DVR AND 1 HD box right?
Jessica_(Thu Feb 11 15:58:33 PST 2010)>Yup
Danny(Thu Feb 11 18:58:55 PST 2010)>
I need to let you know you have choosen a great package and Im am sure you will enjoy it.

Jessica_(Thu Feb 11 16:16:46 PST 2010)>Ok, great.
Danny(Thu Feb 11 19:17:06 PST 2010)>I am more than happy to help you take care of your inquiry today.    
Danny(Thu Feb 11 19:17:42 PST 2010)>When would you like the technician to come out?
Jessica_(Thu Feb 11 16:18:19 PST 2010)>I believe I had it schedule for 2/20. Are there any openings on 2/17 at all?
Danny(Thu Feb 11 19:19:09 PST 2010)>
I will be more than glad to send the technician out on 02/16/10 between 10 am to 12 pm, it that will work for you?

Jessica_(Thu Feb 11 16:20:03 PST 2010)>I couldn't do 2/16, it would have to be Feb. 17th

Danny(Thu Feb 11 19:20:54 PST 2010)>Okay, I see. What about 02/17/10 between 10 am to 12 pm?

Jessica_(Thu Feb 11 16:21:10 PST 2010)>Yes, that would be good


Danny>Okay, I really appreciate your time and your bussiness. Have a bless day.


cognitive behavioral therapy

I know we've seen lots of posts on therapy or counseling in this community, but I don't recall any specifically mentioning CBT. I am looking for somewhere (preferably within reasonable TriMet distance from SE) that does cheap / discounted / sliding scale or simply very good cognitive behavioral therapy (preferably specializing in the treatment of clinical depression). The prospective patient in question does not have health insurance or a job.

Info on other non-tradtional (I guess it's not all that non-traditional, but it isn't psychoanalysis or interpersonal / straight "talk" type psychotherapy) therapies available would be appreciated as well.

Thanks everyone.


OK, people, I want them: your personal experiences with acupuncture. I've been doing reading online and am leaning towards "acupuncture is bunk;" apparently that Nixon-aide-appendectomy was done under regular anesthesia after all (acupuncture was applied during the recovery period along with allopathic pain relievers). But I'm intrigued by the notion and wanted to take a broader view of it than just googling around until I found an answer that fit my suspicions in the first place.

I have had acupuncture done and was mostly unimpressed. It hurt quite a bit and I was informed that the pain derived from an imbalance from my liver. Hmmmmm...What's your experience? Naturally, I'd love to hear from acupuncturists and people of a science-y disposition.
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Driving to Newport

In your experience, what's the best route?

We're leaving from North Portland at about 1:30pm tomorrow. Google Maps suggests taking the 5 south to Corvallis, then the 20 over to the coast. Since I've never taken the 20, I'm curious whether anyone has a better suggestion.


I've been speaking with the spirit of Livejournal

There have been some people who have misunderstood the nature of the curse put against damnportlanders for the failure of my NLC post to reach the epic 4-digit mark. Some people think that this is somehow a personal vendetta on my part. Those who think such a thing must not realize that being the big internet celebrity that I am, glowing_fish wasn't offended about this particular corner of the internet not recognizing that fact.
No, the curse was placed by the internet itself. The internet has feelings.
Anyway, the spirit of Livejournal gave me an idea for an AWESOME NLC tomorrow. If everyone plays along, the Curse of the NLC may be appeased and the NLC shall return to the fun of yesteryear.
I am sure you are all EAGERLY awaiting to see what this is.

Okay, and now for a serious post:


Now, one of the best places to file this under is "WTF"?

But without knowing too much about this, I also am noticing that this might be part of a pattern I have seen before. First, kids who watch too much TV and don't understand that violence is real. Second, suburbanites (Cornelius...Hillsboro...?) who think that "downtown" is a war zone, and then feel okay to do whatever there.

(Although mostly they just drink a lot and start fights: shooting people is another thing)

The details of this story might be different than what I am thinking of, but I have certainly seen this before.