February 10th, 2010

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Portland Recycling Question

I've looked at the Portland Online website about what you can recycle, but I don't see that there's anything specific to this.

Can plastic carry-out containers be recycled? Specifically if they have the recycling symbol thing on the back? Somebody told me that they cannot be recycled. Seems weird.

I don't know why the hell I can't find this information. Anybody?

Corvallis religious cult! Sex! Murder!

Now that I have your attention, my dear friend Ted Davee is making a feature-length film about the turn -of-the-century "holy rollers" cult in Corvallis, Oregon! This film is based on the true story of the Creffield cult in Corvallis, a sordid tale of my hometown that few people are aware of!


Ted has shot all of the footage (on super 16 film, no less) and is now entering the digitization / editing phase. He needs $4500 to complete this project and is only $1100 away from the goal!

Donations must be made to kickstarter by 11am tomorrow (Thursday) or no money will change hands, this is how kickstarter works.

Ted's last film, "Crow Film" was featured at Martin Scorsese's Full Frame Festival and a still from it adorns the DVD box, which can be rented at Movie Madness!

Ted's actors and crew are all volunteers, and have been working incredibly hard to bring this fascinating and little-known bit of Oregon history to life, so please donate if you feel like supporting this. Anything over $75 gets your name in the credits and a DVD. Higher donation levels get you even more stuff, but even $20 will really help him.

Thank you!

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Apartment Management.

My apartment manager is a total plotz. He seems to have settled with the career of apartment managing by way of being totally unqualified or incapable of anything else, though his capabilities and qualifications for apartment managing are questionable. I ask, how does one fall into the glamorous profession of apartment managing? Has anyone here been one? Do you get free rent?
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Washer and Dryer

Do any of you DPers need a washer and dryer? I'm moving on Saturday and don't need to bring my current set. Both work fine with no issues. If none of you need them I'll have a scrapper take them away, but I figured I'd offer.

If you want them, you'll have to pick them up from me either tonight, tomorrow night, or sometime on Friday. I'm near Vancouver Mall.

Time for a new credit union

I recently became fed up with Unitus when I discovered they do something fishy with the way they process your checks and report it to you. Basically, I wrote a check to a Comcast installer, Comcast later said it was cleared within 5 days, but after 10 days my online history still made no mention of it. After 8 PM on the night before my direct deposit would arrive in my account (and after my transaction history reported its anticipated arrival and the amount) I decided there was no harm in going to Target for a few things. Unitus would not process checks in the middle of the night, and anyway, they already know I have a deposit pending.

Actually, it turns out they do process checks in the middle of the night, and just before deposits arrive, too. I called Unitus about it and they insisted they received the check from Comcast at 10PM that night, when they claimed they processed it, and they charged me an overdraft, and I feared my check had also bounced, because the overdraft was on the check, not the Target transaction. Fortunately Comcast told me it had cleared several days ago and they were happy. But I was not. This is exactly the sort of shifty reordering thing that I left banks to get away from.

Obviously it is my fault for not keeping my own register, trying to use money I didn't have, and generally trusting in my credit union to act in my interest rather than in a predatory manner. Mea culpa, for all you "individual responsibility"-fetishists out there.

I know that Unitus outsources some of their services and I have no idea if this problem involves a third-party provider. Does anybody know anything about smaller credit unions, ie if they are more or less likely to use third parties in things like processing checks or online transaction histories?

And of course, I'm in the market for a new credit union - any recommendations? Thanks.
neigh is kinda snarky.

hola, damnportlanders, I am a nerd.

Yep. It's true. Nerd. I'm a nerd.

Nerd nerd nerd.


So, I'm addicted to pokemon. I'm addicted to quite a lot of things actually (cough, tumblr, cough), but pokemon is steadily growing on my radar of amazingness. Thanks to knastymike I now have a used Nintendo DS and have been spending nearly all of my study time free time playing Pokemon Pearl and I adore it.

Anddddddd I kind of want a GBA game to plug into my DS and play, too.

So, does anyone on this community have a copy of FireRed or LeafGreen or whatever other GBA edition that you'd be willing to sell/give away for cheap? I'd rather deal locally than order off of amazon, and the actual chances of me going to an actual game store is slim, because of transportation and also SHINY.

So... does anyone have any GBA pokemon games they'd like to have me take off their hands?
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White Knight Chronicles

I recently picked up White Knight Chronicles for the PS3, and quickly learned that this game is just not for me. Would anyone here be interested in buying a once played copy of it for $30? Unless its value sharply dropped at the game store, that should beat out the used price gamestop and gamecrazy will be selling it for. The game isn't bad, it just isn't something I see myself playing any time soon, and I'd rather have the cash than the game or its trade in value.