February 8th, 2010

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How about some random questions

First, where is the best gun range around here? I really would like to go to one for my birthday.
Second, name off some places that give out free stuff for your birthday, i already have a huge list, but i'd like to hear what you all know.
Third ! has anyone here gotten a tattoo by ryan mason at scapegoat tattoo, i already know i want him to start a sleeve for me and i know im for sure going to him, but i was just curious to know how your experience was and if he tattoos fast or he takes more time, stuff like that.


and p.s if you're interested this a blog my friend started for fun

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"Pugentine's" Party and Outreach
Come and meet your new soulmate... Pug or human!

Pacific Pug Rescue

Party - Mixer

Friday, February 12, 2010

6:00pm - 9:00pm


3421 SE 21st Avenue (South of Powell)
Portland, OR

Adoptable Pugs will in attendance to meet and greet the public.
If you've adopted a Pug from PPR, or have a Pug that would like
to take advantage of the large play space for Pug socializing,
come to the PPR Pugentine Party. What could be better than
Pugs, tasty snacks, bevera

ges and friendly people?
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e-z dulce de luche

Thanks to drjeff and his deepee post... success

Watch as I struggle to use a can opener! and avoid saying "dulce de luche" because I don't actually know how you pronounce that!

I used the Safeway brand since the others that tried it said they used Eagle Brand. Does it look any different to you?

Let me remind this can contains 1,300 calories... we must pace ourselves. I think I am going to pick up some apples to slice and dip in it.
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XC Ski loan?

I know this is a bit odd as far as a request but it's PDX so here goes:

***Does anyone have a pair of cross country skiis that I could borrow from February 18 through the 21st?

I have come upon an opportunity to go XC skiing and I don't have skiis. I am also poor. I want to try it and see if it is worth it to save my pennies/write Santa/sell my soul. My shoe size is a size 8 womens and I'm about 5'7"ish.

I do have collateral as a security deposit if that helps.

***If this fails, any suggestions on SUPER cheap places to rent? Are there any community programs or community centers that rent this sort of thing out?

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Someone I know just had a baby and I'd like to buy them a gift certificate to a place like Baby Gap or something. Unfortunately there's not one downtown and that's where I'm limited to. Any suggestions for a store for baby clothes downtown?

Austin Improv Troupe on Tour, Seeks Musician

Hi, we're Confidence Men: Improvised Mamet, from Austin, Texas ( http://www.improvisedmamet.com ). We improvise two-act plays in the style of works by David Mamet. During our so-called intermission between the two acts, we have a musician play something for about a minute. Sometimes we have the musician play during other parts of our show as well.

We prefer that the musician play a brass or a woodwind instrument (or an exotic instrument, like a theremin or tablas or something), and that the musician is female. Those qualities are negotiable, but very preferable.

We're driving up to Portland for a show on the 18th, next Thursday. Do you know anybody who can help? A free show and beer is the awesome extent of our possible compensation. Did I just hear a *click*? Hello? Is anybody there?

Fun things to do with Google

Google offers predictive suggestions based on popularity or some secret algorithm when you type your query. I went to Google and typed in "Why", intending to finish the question, but I noticed some odd results.

Why do men have nipples
Why is the sky blue
Why is my poop green
Why are black people so loud
Why did I get married too
Why can't I own a Canadian
Why do dogs eat poop
Why are people posting colors on Facebook
Why do cats purr
Why did the chicken cross the road

I thought it would be fun to suggest that everyone type something in and see what Google suggests.

Sublet needed for a friend

My friend Bryan will be staying in Portland in March and April before he moves on to warmer pastures...Brazil! I am posting on his behalf to see if any of you wonderful people know of a sublet available for those months. Please comment or email me and I'll make sure he gets the information. He didn't specify an area of town; I'm guessing anything is okay at this point, considering it's going towards the middle of February. Any leads appreciated. And yes, he's already checking out the obvious avenues, Craigslist, etc., although any lesser-known websites are welcome. Thanks!
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What is this?

I'm looking to see a concert type event with a friend, I've seen a few listings for this show "Miss Thing featuring Heklina & the Girls of Trannyshack, San Francisco" but I can not figure out what it is.

Does anyone here know what it is?
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Jeremy's Cleverly Titled British TeeVee Night at the Low Brow is coming again

Bored on Tuesday night? Come down to the Low Brow at 6pm(during Happy Hour) for cheap booze and imported yuks. We'll have more of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, some Nathan Barley, maybe even some of Chris Morris' Brass Eye.

The Low Brow Lounge, 1036 NW Hoyt, from 6pm to 9pm or whenever.

useful FB link

Event is free, bring yer friends, bring some useful DVDs, etc.
mr humphries

For sistermaryeris

For   sistermaryeris

I made the garlic noodles recipe you gave me the other night as a side to mango-jalapeno chicken and it was a huge, huge hit!  Thanks again, and I can't wait to try it with the teriyaki chicken as originally intended!

Awesome rodents

I haven't had any tiny pets in a while and I'm kind of missing it. I've had rats in the past, but I'm looking to maybe broaden my horizons. I was looking at hedgehogs but they seem to be a bit expensive (around $150-200, and I'd have to buy a cage on top of that).

So, DP, what have been your favorite pet rodents (or any tiny animals in general) in the past and why? Any I should definitely stay away from?


Where can I get a corset in this town? I'm thinking something mid-range...not the cheap kind that are just decorative, but not the uber expensive kind that are really great, either.

Thanks in advance, DP.

Valentine's days plans for those wishing to avoid the sappiness?

A few of my friends are doing the "Worst Day Ride" this weekend but I can't do it because of lack of funds.

Is there anything else going on in Portland that is cheap and fun and not about stupid ass couples and red hearts and crap?

Not that I'm bitter.. I would just like to be somewhere fun where I can avoid it all and write it off as a fantastic day I had this great adventure.

Is there anything else going on that's fantastic? Maybe I should just be a spectator at this ride. Or maybe I can join without paying? hehehe. Oh maybe someone here wants to sponsor me? I can totally ride with your advertising on my back. What do you say peeps?

I really don't want to sit at home this weekend. LAME.