February 7th, 2010

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Skill swap: I'd like music lessons, probably in exchange for math tutoring

A few years back, I had a decent experience doing a skill-swap with another DamnPortlander, and now I'm in the market for more learnins, so I thought I'd see if there is anyone who'd like to trade with me.

I'd like to get back into music again. Specifically, I'd like to learn the guitar again. I took lessons for a year about 10 years ago, and then didn't keep up with it, so I'd basically be starting over from scratch. My eventual goal is to play folk music, specifically filk. My guitar is a steel-stringed acoustic.

Failing that, I also own a violin, which I have not the foggiest idea how to play (I inherited it from my grandfather, and my family's only living violinist lives in Boise so it's just been sitting around collecting dust). If I can't find a guitar tutor, I'd be up for violin lessons with an eye toward folk/filk music as well. Clarinet lessons would be my third choice, as I also have one of those available to me (I quit taking lessons on that about 14 years ago and it makes a odd instrument for folk music, which is why it's my third choice).

I can offer math tutoring in exchange. I am a licensed math teacher and have taught every main-track math class from 6th grade math through pre-calculus at either the middle school or high school level. I've also obviously taken quite a bit of math at the college level and would be happy to tutor at that level. I'd also be happy to tutor in computer science depending on the class, and in a bunch of other subjects depending on the level. I'm also happy to give cooking lessons but I have no formal training in that, just long-time hobbyist interest. If there's some other skill you're looking for, feel free to ask and I'll let you know if it's something I can help out with.

I'd probably like to start lessons around the beginning of March and I'm pretty open as to days/times.

Anyone interested?

do you need a free recovery app? did you lose your music?

I was looking around and backing up some stuff today and found this tool:

Several people have asked for help recovering data at times and though I realize this is not what most of them wanted I thought some people might be interested in a free recovery app. The thing I found the most interesting is they included step by screenshot instructions. Anyway look it over and tell me if it is good or bad so I will know.



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Last night my friend and I were overwhelmed with the desire for English-style beans on toast. I know we can make them ourselves, but I was wondering anyway if anyone knew of a place that offers (veg) baked beans on toast in Portland? I've got a hankering!

Dad's out of town...

We have a father+son household across the street from us. Son is maybe 15. Dad seems to be out of town since yesterday. Son has been driving dad's car off and on all weekend. And not in a "I have my license and it's ok for me to drive" sort of way- more like "dad's out of town and I'm gonna get away with driving the car all crazylike cuz I can". He's been peeling out, driving really fast, pulling U turns, and swerving all over the place- and had his friend in the car yesterday for part of the shenanigans.

We don't know them all that well but feel like dad should know/find out what's going on. Options we've discussed:
-Leave a message on his work # that we found online (as we don't know his cell/house phone #)
-Leave a note at the house for him once we know he's back in town
-Go talk to him when he's back in town
-Do nothing cuz it's none of our business
-Other _____________________

Thoughts? This isn't coming completely from a 'I'm gonna tell on you' perspective- the kid could seriously fuck up himself, his friend, a pedestrian, a biker, another car. 

Input appreciated :)

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quick question to the portlanders!

what are the best/greatest/most efficient headphones you've ever had?

where in Portland did you get them?

I keep on getting these bose headphones, they are expensive and yet they keep on breaking on me. I've gone through about four pairs now (they have a warranty so I only paid for one) but I am getting tired of them! whether it's phones or earplugs doesn't matter... just let me know.
Xmas Socks

Some people's kids

I consider myself a movie buff of sorts and I'll watch most anything. It seems that most any movie has its place and time. But for some reason, there are a few actors who I can't STAND! Even if the movie looks really cool, but I find out they're in it; my desire is quickly dampened. Sometimes it's not for really anything I can put my finger on. Anyone else have the same thing? Who is your actor and/or actress if you had to pick one for each.

Actor: Russell Crowe
Actress: Michelle Rodriguez