February 6th, 2010

St Vincent

Does anyone happen to have an extra pair of tickets to St Vincent (the 9pm show) tonight they want to sell me?

Lost my ID so I was procrastinating buying them and CL has been failing me all week.

awesome rummage sale in north portland?

a couple years ago i went to this rummage/garage sale at a house in north portland and it was AWESOME. tons of vintage linens and other neat old stuff. apparently they do it twice a year, but i'm not sure of the address or even the corner of the house where it was at.

is anyone familiar with this sale? i got the impression that it was a few different couples that did it together. it was just south of lombard, and pretty close to chief joseph elementary.

thanks for any leads!

mysterious twinkie fairy

So walking home from the bus stop just now, I saw a twinkie on the sidewalk, still in its wrapper. I thought, hmm that's interesting, and kept walking. I got to my block, and lo and behold, another twinkie sitting on the sidewalk! Now this was odd indeed. I got to my house only to find a twinkie right in front of the porch steps! Anyone have an explanation?
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is the complete state of the city address available anywhere online?

I'm looking for some damnvideo, or at least a damntranscript. All of the news sites I can find only have video clips and summaries of the address. I really appreciated that someone posted a live stream yesterday, but unfortunately was too bogged down in homework to watch at the time.

Would really like to see this, had hoped it would be up on the mayor's Vimeo account but nothing there yet...

Thanks for passing along anything you may find!

Attention Runners! Valentine's Day 5K

Everyone who runs or wants to should know that next Sunday, February 14th, there will be a 5K run in downtown Portland to benefit victims of fanconi anemia.

Here's the website; adult registration is $30 until midnight, February 12th, or $35 the day of the race.

If you're training for the Shamrock Run, maybe you want to try out a 5K a month early just to see if you can!

I'll be there, and if you've been dying to meet me, just shoot me a message here or on Twitter (same username with one of them crazy @ signs in front) and let me know.

Cat weight loss aficianados

Do you have fat pets? Maybe you can help me....

I have a cat named Oscar, who is about five years old. He wasn't able to live with me for a couple years because of landlord/room mate issues. During those years, he was hit by a car and almost died, but the vet was able to save him. He has a permanently dilated left pupil and is missing some teeth because of this, and although we think he is somewhat brain damaged, he has a never ending supply of love and affection. He has also gained a LOT. of weight. I will be honest...Oscar is the fattest cat I have ever seen. Including TV. It's scary. I don't know how to take care of him properly to help him lose the weight. I think the accident has to have something to do with it, because the other cat eats the same stuff and isn't having problems. I researched a lot and found a good diet involving many small meals of high quality canned food, but it didn't seem to help him at all. I just want him to be able to run and play like other cats his age and it makes me sad because I know pets depend on their owners to care for them and keep them healthy, and I'm failing him.

As much as I would miss him, I feel like there has got to be someone out there...a veterinarian, vet tech, nutritionist...that would be able to provide a much healthier home for him. He mostly stays indoors and sleeps a lot. He loves a nice warm lap. This isn't one of those "adopt my pet or I'll have to put him down/take him to the shelter" posts. I would never abandon him. I just feel like I am not the most capable pet owner at this point and the responsible thing to do would be to find someone with the knowledge and time to care for his needs.
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I want to go to a Gay Club... I have never been. I am a chick looking to date chicks, but my only experience was dating a girl I met while working together at a strip club and she turned out to be #1 bad news #2 promiscuous with men to the point of nastiness, so it left a bad taste in my mouth. So yeah I have no idea how to go about any of this "hitting on girls" stuff. I am clueless. I keep looking at craigslist and it grosses me out! I also don't want to date a girl I met while working at a strip club.

Help Please!

Is there any kind of etiquette I need to know.


Starting early tonight. I'm stuck at home with my wife and daughter out of town. I'm working and hanging out with my dog while watching Balls Of Fury. It's an exciting time. I might even get takeout.

What're you all up to tonight?

ETA: After watching this movie, I'm in the mood for Chinese Takeout. Suggestions for a good place on the west side?

Can I get some help with my GIMP? (not the ball-gag kind)

Hey Portland, how the hell are ya?

So - Just for the record, I'm colorblind. I am writing a webcomic (called Burnside Tales, about a bunch of thirty somethings living in Portland) and I have been having a damned hard time figuring out a color for skin. I know there's a ton of artistic types in Portland so I was hoping that one of you might be able to help.

I've included a page from my comic here, with some rough coloring. I'm using the CSS color "peachpuff" at about 50% opacity. It doesn't look right to me, but then again nothing does.

Do any of you know of a color code that works well for skin color? Do you think that this works? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Oh - and in case you are curious... my webcomic isn't really ready for prime-time for sure- I'm still getting the hang of drawing digitally, but if you are curious you can find it at www.sacredbone.com

Thanks for your color sited help, greatly appreciated.
stop it


Short version of a long ragey story - Walgreens switched manufacturers of my anti-epileptic on me, the guy was less than understanding as to WHY I needed to stay with the same brand, and I am now in the market for a new place to spend my $200 a month on drugs.

What I want -

* Online refills with pickup (do any of the smaller places have this?)
* Downtown, NW, SE, or NE. I live in close-in SE, going any farther out than 60th on the bus is a pain for just one store.
* People who will get that I know what I'm talking about with my meds, and why it's important to have them not change.

So far the best bet seems to be the Fred Meyer on Hawthorne, who do you guys love?