February 4th, 2010


Just in case people were still curious...

The Oregon Air National Guard operates F-15's out of Portland International. There is a Guard base there that's been in operation since the 1940's, except for a brief stint in the 60's I believe(?) when it was an active duty station. In order to get their flying hours and do their patrols, the Guard flies fighter jets out of PANG (Portland Air National Guard base) every single day ever, except most weekends.

Sometimes they change up the schedule, which is why there may be more sorties in a day sometimes, or they change up the flight pattern, so it might sound louder over one area or another depending on where they are flying and how high they are flying.

So if you hear fighter jets, rest assured it's just because they live here and they will be flying every single day with few exceptions for the next...however long the U.S. keeps having fighter jets.

Um...and now you know.
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PDX Dancing Ecstatic (a new LiveJournal community)

hi portlanders. please join the new LJ community PDX Dancing Ecstatic. let's connect about ecstatic dance experiences! where are you doing it? with whom are you doing it? why are you doing it? how are you doing it? what's new? what's old and good? what's going on in your local ecstatic dance community? what are your ecstatic dance experiences?

PDX Dancing Ecstatic

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silly apples

So I found a silly saying about apples the other day and I loved it. I'm am trying to think of more *non-cliche* sayings about apples. 

good  example: It crunchy and munch and nice for my lunchy.

bad example: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Note: this is for a project for a class, I'm not really this weird. Well, I am, but still. 

And go! :) Thanks guys!!!
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how to join?

I have a friend who is trying to join this community and failing. She clicks "join community" and it tells her something to the effect of "Join Request Submitted Your request to join has been submitted to the maintainers. If approved, you will be added to the community automatically."

She can't post, and DP does not appear in her "communities" list.

When the moderators stepped up for tagging, did they make it more difficult to add new members? I'm not sure when she first tried, but how long does it take?

ED: And she's in! For future reference, DP moderators watch for friendless/postless accounts as they might be bots. In this case, my buddy was just "new".

Volunteer in Haiti

Hey Dp,
For those of you that have some time on your hands and the ability to get away for a bit, the NGO I've already promoted a few times here has today announced that they're opening a site in Haiti. Hands On Disaster Response will be in Leogane, Haiti, (about 20 miles from Port-au-Prince) where ~90% of buildings have been destroyed, for the next 6+ months. Right now they especially need licensed structural engineers.

So, if you're up for some hard manual labor, and can get yourself to PaP (I think they'll have a shuttle to the site), you'll meet some wonderful people and have a great time.
mo'fucka, wayne manor

computer nerds, please?

i need to learn the ins & outs of quickbooks and excel. tutorials make me nauseous, but i'm also somewhat poor due to my part-time job (hence my need to become computer-savvy). i'm willing to buy you lunch/coffee/beer in exchange for lessons, or we can just get together and barter. ideally, this would begin next week.

if you're a whiz at either of these programs and wouldn't mind teaching a total n00b, i'd be very grateful.

Rowing lessons

Going to the gym sucks and is boring as hell, but I figure that maybe rowing is the kind of exercise that will be both fun and give me the kind of workout that I want, but I have no idea how to get into it. Anyone, anyone?

Also, I occasionally see some people rowing on the Willamette near the Ross Island Bridge, so it can't be that bad if you aren't actually swimming in it, right?

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Anyone have any opinions on Lizards. My new apt has a lot of bugs, at first we just started naming them and living symbiotically with them, but I just picked up a toilet paper roll and put my finger RIGHT onto a big crazy looking one soooooo yeah my dad suggested I get a ghecko and let it run around. We don't want to get a cat because we are of the mind set that cats should be able to go inside and out freely and we live on the third floor, plus I think litter boxes are really gross things in apartments.

So yeah I need answers.

If I do get this Lizard what am I looking at for vet bills right off the bat. Will my new friend need a check up right away?
Besides the bugs in my apartment I am sure he will need food how much are crickets and do I need something seperate to store them in between feedings?

So I dont' want a giant lizard probably whatever needs the smallest amount of space (species? I dont' know) but I don't want him so small that he can crawl out under the door of my apt because I do plan on lettng him out to roam about.

Thank you to anyone who can offer me some advice on this lizard matter.