February 3rd, 2010

Browncoats are relentless
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See "Next of Skin"! Support your local talent!

Third Eye Theatre presents...
Next of Skin

By Jake Gott

Because dirty minds run in the family.

Like Erotica? Ever try writing it? Well this crew has! Jay, Martin, and Stephanie start making plans for their father’s fortune when it is discovered that he is actually famous for writing erotica! Disturbed by his children’s greedy demands, Gary makes the three earn their inheritance just as he earned his fortune: by writing erotica. The catch? Only one will win, and the best story takes all!

Third Eye Theatre is offering a special discount for this Thursday (tomorrow, Feb 4th!) that you can take advantage of!
Bring a friend - and both of you get in for the price of one ticket! That is - you can see "Next of Skin" for only $6 a piece.
In order to get this special price - you absolutely must:
1. Call (503-970-8874) and reserve your 2 tickets!
Make sure you have the names of both people attending. You can even call as you're walking up to the Back Door Theater. It's okay - just call!
2. Tell them who in the cast/crew sent you (that would be me, Erica)
Please give them my name (I'm the only "Erica" on the crew) as you reserve your tix!
This discount is for this Thursday only! If you come any other day, you will pay $12/person or $10 if you have a Student ID. Please do try and make it. We only have six shows left!
Also - be prompt at the theatre! Best to get there at 7:30p when the doors open so you don't run the risk of missing the first act of the show! The library scene is spectacular!
Third Eye Theatre
Next of Skin
by Jake Gott
Jan 8th - Feb 13th (Thu, Fri & Saturdays only)
Backdoor Theater - 4319 SE Hawthorne Blvd (Hawthorne & 44th - right behind Common Grounds coffeehouse)
Show starts at 8pm
Doors open at 7:30pm!
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Hot Fuzz-bring the noise

(no subject)

I'm getting a laptop with my tax return. I've never had a new computer in my life and I have some questions:

-What does recertified mean? I'm looking at the laptops on newegg.com and there's a HP laptop that looks like what I want but it says recertified. Is that like refurbised or something? Should I not get one if it's recertified? I did notice that the warranty was for only 90 days, or is that normal?

-If I buy off newegg.com can I contact HP and get insurance on the laptop?

-I would like a laptop that has a CD/DVD drive, is that called something else or are the laptops I'm looking at just don't have it?

-Are there things I should or shouldn't be looking for in a laptop? I honestly just want to run photoshop and itunes and surf the web.

-Is newegg.com even where I should be looking? Should I just go down to Best Buy and have someone help me?

-I'm assuming I should choose one with Windows 7, or will Vista be okay?

In helping me with your wonderful advice, know: I'm only spending $500 and I don't want a mac, not that I think I can afford one on $500..

Thanks for any help, I don't really know anyone that knows anything about buying new computers.
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Nike Employee Store Passes -- anyone have one?

My brother is coming to visit me from Canada (yay! Winnipeg!), and I was wondering if anyone had a Nike Employee Store Pass (or two? :D ) that they had to give away, or possibly have me haggle over. I've been wanting to go, but I hear that you can only go on a pass. If anyone has, please let me know! You can leave a comment, message me or feel free to shoot me over an e-mail at 011884@gmail.com. Thanks in advance :)
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My company is hiring

Hey DP,

My company is hiring for a contract position, with some possibility of eventual full-time employment for the right person. The unusual thing about this position is that it requires a background in linguistics. We've gotten some response from Craigslist, but in case there are any unemployed or underemployed DPers with a linguistics degree, I figured I'd post it here as well.

The Craigslist post describes the job in more detail. What we need most is someone who will get stuff done right and on time. With the schedule we are on, we don't have time for futzing around.

If you are interested, please follow up via the info in the post. If you have questions, I can try to answer them -- either comment here, or send me a message (contact info is on my profile).

PSU Model United Nations Presents...

Smith Memorial Student Union Building, Room 333
Benicio Del Toro delivers a searing, emotional performance as Ernesto “Che” Guevara, an asthmatic Argentine doctor who became one of Latin America’s most legendary revolutionary leaders in the 1950’s. Recounting the events of the Cuban Revolution, where Che, alongside Fidel Castro overthrew the Batista dictatorship.

Certified tai chi instructor needed once a week

The Marie Smith Health & Social Center on N Albina Ave is looking for a certified tai chi instructor to teach a one hour class once a week, pay $50-60. The clients at the Marie Smith Center are an average of 70 years old, so the instructor should be well-versed in how to adjust their teaching for physically weak and wheelchair-bound people. The center has a maximum capacity of 30 clients but you may expect your class size to be only a portion of that.

Please contact either myself at vmorgan at voaor dot org or 503 eight zero two 04five1 or the activities lead JoAnn at 50three80two zero462.

Vasa Morgan
Volunteer Coordinator
Marie Smith Health & Social Center
4616 N Albina Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

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Hip check?

Anyone have experience (+ or -) with a hip specialist in town & want to share with me?  I'm trying to find the best possible hip person.  We're not talking hip-replacement here (though if the doc does that, that's fine), more a hip problem that a number of people have already looked at and can't really figure out what's going on.  Bonus if it's a Kaiser doc (unfortunately)...

Also, Hey, how about that sunshine!  
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Just checking...

So when I learned to drive in a different state, I was taught that if two cars arrive at a stop sign at the same time and are on different streets (ie one heading east, one heading north), the car on the right has the right-of-way.

I was also taught that if two cars arrive at a stop sign at slightly different times and are on different streets (see above), then the car that gets there first has the right-of-way.

This is the same rule in Portland, yes? I've always thought so, but apparently every single driver in Milwaukie and Clackamas has suddenly forgotten this rule - because at least 8 times in the past 3 days I have either arrive at the same time as or moments before the car to my left - and every single time, the car to the left has pushed out in front of me.

Granted, we all have those days when we're not paying attention, are running late, whatever and mess with the right-of-way pattern. But seriously, every single one? Did someone change the law and forget to tell me or something?

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stuff to dooooo

I wanna go out and do something either this weekend or next but I'm tired of my usual haunts of Music Millennium/Powell's/Everyday Music/Buffalo Exchange. Suggestions for fun/cool stuff around town? Must be easily Trimet-able, I don't drive (although I don't like the Max and would like to avoid it). Also it must be inexpensive (or free! :D), and something during the day (or at least nothing that ends past 8:30-9pm, so I can get my last bus home from Clackamas Town Center).
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while I'm ranting...

Okay guys, quick quiz. Super easy. Only one question. Ready?

True or false: When you are down at one end of the apartment hallway having a cigarette (which is totally against your lease and illegal, just fyi, even if you are too lazy to go downstairs) and your small (apparent age: 4) child is down at the other end of the hallway SCREAMING for SEVERAL MINUTES (not moments, minutes), it is totally appropriate for you to continue smoking and chatting with your friends until the point when one of your neighbors opens their door to yell at the children - and then act all concerned and come to see if the kid is all right.

If you answered true - you must live in my apartment building. Nice to meet you. Go move away now.

Here's the thing - me, I'm selfish. I totally don't want to have to deal with someone else's needs 24/7. Know what? I'm choosing not to have children! Because that goes along with being a parent! The kid was injured and bleeding, for god's sake! Either take care of the child or freaking give it up for adoption. Or at least move away, because some of us don't want to bear witness to your neglect. >:p

Okay, I swear I'll shut up now.
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Valentines Day

So I want to take a special lady of mine to do something fun, and different on this coming V-day weekend. We were thinking of going to one of the Mcmenamins lodges, we considered riding the train up to Seattle and going to the seattle zoo, we can't decide or find anything that just makes us jump for it. Any help, anyone have suggestions in regards to the things I mentioned?