February 2nd, 2010


Because Portland likes getting naked.....


All customers (18 & over) who spend $20 or more* from now thru Feb 12th may enter in the drawing to compete in our famous Naked Shopping Spree. 4 contestants (2 girls & 2 guys) will be chosen from the raffle to compete.

On Feb. 21, the drawing winners will have the honor of running around The Red Light, totally naked in front of a cheering crowd of shoppers. The four contestants will have 3 minutes to put on as many clothes as possible – with the winner getting to keep everything on his or her body!

There will be additional prizes for all Naked Shopping Spree contestants, plus live music and other goodies to entertain the crowd!

For more info stop into the store,
visit our web site www.redlightclothingexchange.com
or our facebook www.facebook.com/RedLightClothingExchange

Craft room cleanup....

Once again, I am cleaning out my craft room. I have card blanks, paper, some paper punches, some ink pads and when I am done, I may even have some small stamp sets.

If this is something you are interested in, let me know, via my E-mail....Misshaddassah1@hotmail.com.

The catch is, you have to come to my house to pick up the stuff. I live in Saint Johns.

EDIT: Looks like the stuff has been claimed.
Xmas Socks

A weird and kinda gross question

OK, so I used to work with this girl who had a rather distinct odor... not B.O. really. But not a pleasant smell. I had said that she smelled like earwax, which she kind of did but that wasn't quite right. For anyone that's had their ears pierced; you know how if you leave your earrings out for awhile and they start to close? Then you push your earrings through anyway and there's that *stuff* inside the holes? That's what she smelled like. What I'm wondering is, what is that *stuff* called? Anyone know?
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Yummiest trick of the day...

Take a can of sweetened condensed milk. Place it in your crockpot. Fill with water until the water is over the top of the can.

Turn crockpot to high. Leave for 8 hours. Turn off the crockpot, let everything cool all the way down, and open the can to find it full of delicious, delicious caramel.

Tried it last night and it works like a friggin' CHARM.

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edit: dulce de leche, to be a little more accurate!

Esthetician programs

I would like to get info on local esthetician programs. Yes, I have looked on the internet, and am planning on touring schools and doing research that way, but I'd like to know if you, or someone you know, has gone through a local program, and, if so, what did you like/not like about it? Also, would you be willing to talk to me about it? I'll buy you a coffee or something.
I'm considering one of those mid-life career changes, and just want to see if it's worth it.
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Art Opening!

The flyer below basically says it all...  You are hereby invited to an art show that opened yesterday and runs through the 28th of February.  Artist's opening reception this Saturday the 6th 5pm-9pm. 
Dawn's work is acrylic & mixed media on canvas.  (The userpic above is the detail of one of her pieces from a few years ago, so not entirely representative of her current show but an idea as to her style.)  She has had numerous shows before in Colorado but this is her premier show in Portland. 
If you don't know the C-Bar, it's a pretty sweet, friendly joint, right next to Yoko's sushi.  They play b-movies on a screen above the bar, have some pinball games, and...shuffleboard?  The long narrow wood table you slide things down?  Anyway, support a local artist and a local business - go check out this show!

Getting 'er Done

Hey!  Heyheyheyhey!

I'm trying to find a to-do list app to help with the brainfunk.  I'm looking for one that allows drag-and-droppability AND one with numbers.  Basically, I want a Netflix Queue.

Then again, I bet all I really need is an Apple iPad:


What do you guys use/love?

Edit: Yes, I've googled, checked out Evernote, GoogleWave, Don't Forget the Milk, etc...no good.
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the key to my heart

i need a locksmith. i want one i can walk in to, since i have my doorknob (kwikset, needs re-keying to match the other 3 in place already) off already and refuse to pay a mobile person for the inconvenience of them coming to me. and the internet is proving terrible at locating actual businesses instead of call centers (ok, this is just google maps, actually. alternative search engine suggestions welcome!)

or if you know a no-per-visit-fee mobile person that'd be ok too - my problem isn't expensive to fix so paying someone $50 to come to my office to fix my home doorknob is silly.

i've struck out twice now (shops closed) so i turn to you for help.

inner is best, or someone open on saturday that isn't too far (too far: over the west hills, over the columbia river, further than say 8 miles from downtown).

thanks for your lovely recommendations!
Alice Hatter by likefluffy

Space for a writing workshop?

A friend and I are trying to host a writing workshop for as little money as possible. The goal is to keep it cheap for us so there isn't some outrageous charge to participate. We need a venue that has tables and chairs and can fit about 25 people. Anywhere in the Portland metro is fine. We've already tried some of the local colleges, but they seemed very hesitant that we'd he having non-college students there and we'd prefer to avoid restaurants and coffee shops because we'd be tying up tables for hours and most places cannot guarantee parking or that there will be enough space on a regular basis.

bunny doriyaki


So, apparently for this year's Urban Iditerod there is a cap of 100 teams due to space and whatnot. I was going to organize a team, but alas did not get myself into gear in time.

Wondering if there is anyone out there in DP land that has organized a team, and if so, is there extra space for one person? I'll do and wear anything! (I have no shame!)

And for those of you not familiar with Urban Iditerod, feel free to come watch and be a spectator :) It's wonderful fun; Link to a video of last year's here.

Please let me know-thanks!
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