January 31st, 2010



I need to get a converter box for my TV sometime before Tuesday the 2nd... because my world will end if I do not get to watch the primer of LOST. Craigslist has failed me. Anyone selling a digital converter box, $25 or less and actually lives in Portland (I can't travel too far out due to crazy schedule).. OR knows where/ how to get one less than $30? My addiction to LOST thanks you in advance.

recommendations please!

I am wanting to do a day trip to one of the Oregon Coast beach. On the agenda: a day hike, lunch picnic, and dinner out. It needs to have a great place to hike and, this might be a stretch, amazing vegetarian food.
What beach should we go to?

*I am more interested in finding good vegetarian food than a hike.
Thanks, Damnfriends.


I know this is an absolute longshot, but is anyone aware of a place in Portland that RENTS Fiestaware? The disc pitchers, to be exact!

Also, is there interest in a Portland-centered wedding-planning community? I'll start it if there is!

A book that everyone has read but that you have not read:

A while ago, typsie made a post listing some movies that "everyone has seen", but that she seemed to be the sole exception in not viewing. I forgot this was here, or on her own journal.
So I am asking the same question for books: what are some books that everyone else seems to have read, but you managed to miss out. I was going to make a list of books, but there are so many books written and published, it could get quite long. But the types of books I am thinking of are things like Huckleberry Finn, Catcher in the Rye, Diary of Anne Frank, Slaughterhouse-5...

I guess for me "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac might be the best candidate.

And I don't think Twilight counts. It is not a book that everyone has read, as much as it is a book that is really popular among a certain demographic right now.

Haiti donations

For those of you who were wanting to donate things to Haiti rather than money, there is currently a donation center in the parking lot at SE 12th & Burnside. I just walked by and saw boxes labeled "medical," "men's clothes," "women's clothes," "musical," "gauze," and a big pile of crutches, plus other boxes and stuff. Looked like things were just getting set up.
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anyone want to recycle their 2009 Finder and other WW guides for cash?

Dear DP, this is an entreaty from an out-of-towner (one of the those who wants to move to your city and has been making exploratory visits and doing online research for years). I would very much like to grab some of the recent "guide" editions of Willamette Weekly before a trip we have coming up in March.

Now, I could order them full price from WW, or I figured I could ask here first...surely, some of you have these lying around, and you've read them, and discussed them, and now you might never open them up again. May I save them from your recycle bin? How about if I offer you some CASH MONEY for the trouble of digging them out of that pile of stuff in the corner of your apartment? I would be super happy if any of you wanted to part with:

2009 Cheap Eats
2009 Best of Portland
2009 Restaurant Guide

You can send them to me using super cheap USPS Media Mail and when I receive them I'll be happy to PayPal you or send you a Money Order. I'll offer $5 for each, but because what I really want is all of them, I'll offer $25 to the first person who can track down all four! They don't need to be mint like a comic book or something, but not-all-torn-up would be preferred.


So my wife and I would really like to sign up with a CSA this coming year, but are not sure which one will fit us best. Looking through the Portland Area CSA Coalition website, all of them sound great, but we'd really like some recommendations from people who have been with any of them. Thanks all.

Hot springs in February.

Yo peeps, I need to know where the best hot springs within three hours maximum driving of Portland are. Free or cheap. I thought all hot springs were beautiful, serene, and natureific until I went to Austin (I think that's right) hot springs and there was trash everywhere, carpet and beer cans in the pools, the road right there, topless drunken chicks, etc. I'd like to avoid places anything like that. We're going on a day trip and don't mind a tiny bit of a hike to the pools (in fact that would be awesome). Preferably water that's still very warm in the middle of winter. Bonus for the best, most scenic route.

I've heard about Bagby but it looks like there aren't pools, just wood tubs for one person at a time. Is that true?

Searched the tags because I know this has been asked before, but no luck.

Bike Stolen

Hey DP. So sometime last night/this morning, my bike was stolen from in front of my apartment at NE Grand and Dekum.

If anyone sees a pink Schwinn mountain bike with a golf ball on the kickstand and a black milk crate on back, please let me know. Or return it. I just want it back, and I'll happily give a reward if, on the off chance, you took it.


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Possibly useful information about posting to the community

As we know, or have been reminded it is not permitted to disable comments on posts you make here. If you want to post something informational to the community, but you don't want your email box flooded with comments about it, you can choose to not have the comments emailed to you for each individual post you create, by selecting "Don't Email" from the "Allow Comments" dialog box. Just be careful not to accidentally select "Disable!"

I always forget that it is an option, so I just thought I'd mention it. Most of the time when I post, I'm asking for people's comments, but maybe that's not always the case with everyone.
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Portland Seafood and Wine Festival

Has anyone been to the Seafood and Wine Festival? I went to the website and saw that there is a $12.00 entry, but it really doesn't give any other very helpful information..or i should say info that I want. If you've gone is it worth going? are there free wine samples or at least reasonably prices samples? what about the seafood? is it samples?  full on meals?  both?


The OC

Oregon City, that is.

I took a trip out to Wilsonville today, and came back on 205. My graduate studies class is doing a community study on Oregon City, so I decided to take a drive through the town. Kind of nifty, you can overlook the Willamette river from up on the hill. I took a look at the municipal elevator. I didn't take a ride but it was right retro, though. So anyway, what do you think of the OC?

mea culpas

I posted an entery this morning and planned on being gone all day (hey it happens) so I did not want emails sent On my copy of Semagic the boxes are next to each other and I checked the wrong box. So please accept my apologies, best laid plans of mice and men.

On another note has anyone seen the moon, really very beautiful tonight!