January 30th, 2010

  • drjeff

It's that time again!

Does anyone have a copy of "Eclipse" just lying around unused and unwanted? My ten-year-old Twighlight fangirl just finished #2 and is ready to move on, and I'd rather rescue one of the 738 zillion copies off the refuse pile, if possible. :)

Mini Fridge

Anyone looking for a mini fridge. This one is the kind with a separate freezer on top. I don't do well with inserting pictures but if you google magic chef mini fridge it pops up. It's the stainless steel one with a freezer on top fridge on bottom. We are asking $130 OBO

I also have a large TV... ummm $20? OBO I think it's like ummm 36 inches I really have no clue and I am not next to it right now. It's large.

Also a dresser that is free it has 6 drawers 3 and 3. I think you call those kind a bureau who freakin knows

Anyways call me 503-341-7434

We'd be willing to deliver for like $5 gas money(unless you are faaaaar)

Je recherche un artiste

Anyone know a comic artist, or someone who can draw comics? I have a marketing project for my copywriting beeswax in the pipes and I'm looking for someone who can do a few simple B+W three-panel strips that look decent. (I don't need The Watchmen, more Penny Arcade/Achewood.) Links to portfolios are appreciated.

By the by, I can't pay too too too much, but whoever gets the gig will be getting more than cupcakes and a six-pack. Not that there's anything wrong with cupcakes and beer.


It's Mirror Pond and math homework for me tonight.  Huzzah.  I think I've had zero life for a period roughly corresponding to when winter term started till now, so my hosting credentials should be in good standing.  

My questions for you, my dear damnportlanders: (a) what the hell is going on for you tonight, and (b) if you were featured in a sex tape with a politician of your choice, who would it be and why?