January 28th, 2010



Ok, DP, I'm back again with another question.

I'm a nervous driver when I don't know where I'm going, and the few times I've borrowed a GPS from friends I've been a lot happier. So, I think it's high time I got myself a nice GPS.

I'm looking for something that isn't too spendy (under $200), something I can download custom voices for (I was pretty impressed by the GLaDOS voice I found already), and.. uh, I don't know, I guess something that will let me save points of interest rather than just my home address.

So far I've only looked at Garmin, I'm not sure what other ones you can really download voices for and things like that, that are in my price range.

SO, what are your personal favorites? What should I stay away from? I kind of found it weird that Garmins don't come with a backer to attach to your car, are most GPS like that?

2010 Portland International Auto Show -1 day update (with video)

Well today was magnificent! As soon as I walked through the doors, I found Ryan Douthit from http://www.drivingsports.com and let me tell you, he is cool as anyone I've met.  He was hanging out with Paul Eklund from Primitive Racing.  I have met Paul before, but since he was the only guy in yellow WRX rally car, and I was just another rally fan, I don't think he remembered me.  He will now.  Ryan also introduced me to Chris Miller of Mastermindvideo.com. Chris was there representing Oregon Live.  Ryan told me that they have been working together when he is in the area, and I look forward to sharing some stories (and maybe b-roll) with Chris. Collapse )

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ain't noise pollution

Does anyone have a copy of Rock Band 1 that I could borrow for a couple days? I just want to import the songs into Rock Band 2. I need it by tomorrow night and I can pick it up today or tomorrow and bring it back to you within a few days. Downtown or N/NE would be preferable pickup locations, but beggars can't be choosers.
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Time to bug you all again.
It is Thursday, and that means tonight is THE night to go see my band play! Tonight we are opening for The Upsidedown! I am really excited to be playing with them. They are one of the best bands to ever come out of Portland, I think. Also, French Miami (whom, I am pretty sure, are neither French, NOR from Miami) came up all the way from San Francisco, so we should be gracious and be good hosts/hostesses to them. You know, ask them if they need their coffee refilled, give them the comfy chair, that sort of thing.


Doug Fir Lounge. $8 Door. 3 Bands. 8 pm door, 9 pm show.
Also, present your show ticket in the dining room upstairs and receive $3 off any menu item! (Sun-Thur only)

The Upsidedown with projections by Beau Von Hinklywinkle

Starry Saints

French Miami (San Francisco)

So come on down to Doug Fir and have a grand old time!

Fix your cat!

C.A.T. is having a Feline Fix-A-Thon for qualified* cat owners until February 18th, details here. It's $10 for neuters, $20 for spays, and you'll need to make an appointment.

*Qualified means the person or family in financial need who may be receiving governmental or public assistance.

Also, it says there's another coupon if you don't qualify for the super-cheap price, so either way check it out or pass it along to someone who needs it :)
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Your planets are showing

On Wednesday night next week (Feb 3), OMSI After Dark - your $10, child-free museum experience - will apparently include Planetarium showing. These normally only happen during the workday, and so I'm excited to see one at all, much less without the tiny ones.

Apparently the sample folks of the month will be Dave's Killer Bread, Hip Chicks do Wine, and Cupcake Jones.

omg cupcake jones. mmmmmmmm.

It's their new space exhibit, just opening this weekend, and the starry night planetarium thing is at 7:30 with some musical show at 9. The event starts at 6pm, and you will be carded. There is no additional cost for the tastings or the planetarium show or oogling over their new dinosaur, which was unexpected and doesn't fit into the space theme unless you have a damn good imagination (dinos in space? watch out for asteroids?)

Figured you'd want to know.


I was just having a nap and I had a dream that I was teasing a Cobra. It was awesome. Where in Portland can I tease a Cobra? I don't have a car so I can't really go anywhere not accessible by Trimet or bicycle. Thanks in advance for making my dream come true.

let's see

we have had posts about cobra's (shakes head), earthquakes (have you ever looked at all the fault lines around Portland, of course there is going to be an earthquake), a poor demented boy setting fire to himself while people watched (poor kid, poor people, sick world) and I needed to hear something positive, so please DP try to find something positive to say....
I will even start you off, I got hired this week, bennies wheeee :)
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you are granted a special button that gives you $1,000,000  for every time pressed, but pressing the button causes a random person in the world to die.

how many times do you press this magical button?