January 27th, 2010


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Hey guys,

I checked the tags, and maybe I missed something, but I thought I'd ask...

I'm looking for a personal recommendation for a hair stylist that works well with long and curly hair. I'm way past due for a real hair cut.

I'm really hoping to find someone in Lake Oswego/Tigard/Beaverton/SW, but I don't mind driving for someone really awesome. I'd like to spend no more than $40 or so for the cut.
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Quest user

I'm looking for someone who is using Quest as their ISP to perform a short (2 min?) experiment for me. any takers?

No pay but gratitude, unfortunately. Send me an LJ message!

Plea for assistance

My car got hit by a hit-and-run driver last night.

No one was injured, fortunately. By my car was seriously damaged: right front fender, wheel, and door all crunched. It's quite undriveable now. I didn't even see the vehicle that did it, but my friend, and one of his neighbors, did: they said it was a large, dark-colored pickup truck, with a large cab and bed cover. The neighbor said the guy was driving erratically down the street, and was probably drunk. This was in SE, near 39th and Holgate.

We called the police, but they weren't interested. We called my insurance company, but they said my coverage doesn't extend to collisions, only to liability, so they won't help either, unless we can find the person who caused the crash. I can't possibly afford to repair it out of pocket, at this time.

So, my urgent request to you all, DP, unlikely as it may seem: If anyone sees a large dark-colored pickup truck with a big passenger cab and damage to its front fender, please email me with the location and license number. All responses will be strictly confidential, and of course no one will be charged with anything without proof that they really were responsible. Thank you for any help you can provide.
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SSI checks

Anyone know when those are usually mailed out around here? Got a gal staying with me (shelters didn't work out, long story) who sent yesterday to have the post office hold her mail so that her daughter's SSI check would be safe. She just now got a text from the creep she was living with saying that he has her check. But it seems too early for them to have been mailed, plus her hold on her mail should have intercepted today's delivery. Anybody know what the odds are that the check would have actually arrived today vs him just being a dick and trying to mess with her mind?

Yes, we have called the cops - just looking for some reassurance.

ETA Great, the cops basically said "well he says he doesn't have it, so we can't do anything until it gets cashed." Bloody hell, this is the disability check for a little girl that he has no relationship to whatsoever. And whatever happened to the part where stealing someone's mail was a felony offense? And check fraud, such as cashing someone else's government disability check is also a felony offense? Yeah, totally not worth them investigating or anything.

Educational Events about Haiti in the Portland area

I work at the Reed Multicultural Resource Center and have been assigned the task of finding an educational event for students to become acquainted with Haitian history and culture. So far I've had great luck in finding fundraising events, but I have not found anything of the edifying variety. Is anyone aware of any upcoming lectures/documentary screenings in the Portland-area? Alternately, do you know of a documentary about Haiti's history?

Any info would be most helpful!
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Sappy stuff

Are there any good Valentine's Day deals going on this year in local restaurants?

We're on a bit of a budget (so no Kincaid's) but not to the point we can only ask the people at Five Guys to shape our burger pattys into hearts.

No dietary restrictions, no particular preference on type of cuisine. No geographic preference as long as it's at least somewhere near Portland. I don't even care if it's particularly romantic.

Thank you!
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Verizon phone for sale, $30.

I've got a Verizon flip phone, Samsung. Not super fancy, but it works. I've reset it to factory settings, it has a charger. Can handle up to a 4GB SD card, battery is still good. Phone is less than a year old, it was a replacement for one I had gotten. No major dings or scratches, I'm getting rid of it because I just got an Eris. PM me if interested.

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Tech Support-ish, but not really

I've got an older G5 iMac that has stopped working. The screen still lights up. I've pulled the hard drive out in order to hold on to the data. I'm wondering if there's anything interesting I can do with the still functional screen. Can I turn it into a spare monitor? Anything? Or is it just destined for the tech recycling center?