January 25th, 2010

Speechless (but not really surprised)...

At last an American school has gotten to the crux of the matter...don't just ban books, ban the dictionary!

Why not? Without all those troublesome words and definitions, kids won't be able to think bad or subversive thoughts. We should only teach them nice words, anyway. If the word "socialism" is in there, they might get bad ideas. Even the word "sex" might be distracting. For the record, it was defining "oral sex" that got Merriam Webster's in hot water with the Menifee (California) School District--and "we'll be looking to find other things of a graphic nature," promises district spokeswoman Betti Cadmus told the paper. (I'll bet you will, Betti.)

Should we even be selling dictionaries to anyone younger that 18? Somebody get on the phone to Wal-Mart.



Anyone here familiar with the Tucson area? I'm running off there for a weekend in search of this mysterious thing called sunshine. Mostly I'm interested in good hiking trails, and fabulous tacos. But I'd love to hear about any other secret sources of awesomeness that you may know about as well.


Measure 66 and 67!!!

Ballots need to be turned in by 8pm this Tuesday January 26th - Election Day.


You can mail your ballots as late as Monday. But if you still have your ballot on Tuesday, you need to drop it off yourself. You can do this at your County Elections office or at official drop boxes in your area.

Need to find a drop box or have other questions? Go here: http://voteyesfororegon.org/2010/01/where-do-i-vote-.html

Please remind everyone you know to get their ballot in on time. Turnout is lagging and things are way too close. Education in Oregon is on the line. Now is the time.
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For those who know me, no, this is *not* for me. Don't worry. It's a friend-of-a-friend thing, so I only have secondhand info, but I'm wondering if anyone knows a place for a woman in Oregon City (so Clackamas County) to go with a child and a cat to escape domestic violence. I'd be willing to take the cat myself if need be, and she may well be using the cat as an excuse not to go rather than a real reason, but I'm sure there are some shelters in this area that take pets too, right?

Note - I did check the tags and checked out this entry, just wondering if anyone has anything new. And yes, I am Googling, but getting marginal info at best - mostly getting the animal shelter, which is not what I'm after. Because my Google skills suck.

ETA already gave her the Clackamas County women's shelter number, too. :)

ETA again thanks guys - I really appreciate the help. Nice to know there are still good people out there. :)
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Portland Outsider - Launch Party @ Recycle Jan 26th

I've been excited to assist in a few ways with The Portland Outsider launch.

The Portland Outsider is a new, free, biweekly newspaper
covering arts & entertainment news in Portland, Oregon's gothic/industrial community.

The launch party is tomorrow evening at The Someday Lounge @ 9pm.
I'll be offering Tarot Card Readings from 9pm-11pm for a $10 donation.
There will also be raffle, prizes, etc.
Please come out to support The Portland Outsider launch party!!

I've completed my first 'spiritual advice column' submission, thanks to an anonymous reader question.
I'm ready to start receiving new questions for the next issues as well.
Please email portlandoutsider at gmailz with questions for Beatnik Betty's spiritual advice column.


IF YOU are a performer, promoter, venue owner, artist, artisan, merchant, professional, entrepreneur, rabid fan, et al, in the Portland "dark alternative" scene, we are interested in . . .

. . . your band, show, or club night; . . . your documentary, short, or art film;
. . . your local show or webcast; . . . your novel, stories, poetry, non-fiction, journalism, essays, zine, comic, or blog.

Our inspiration is . . .
All of you who carve out places for the community to gather, create art & atmosphere for it to celebrate, and show up night after night to keep it alive.

Swimming Pools

Sorry if this has already been asked, I checked the tags and didn't find anything.

I'm not that good of a swimmer. I can get around the pool, do a really pathetic breast stroke, but other than that I'm pretty lacking in skills. Does anyone have any personal recommendations on adult beginners swimming classes that aren't just during the summer? I'm wanting to start as early as February, hoping no later than March.

Thanks for your help, DP =)

EDIT: Just to add, what I've found on google all seems to be "per session", I'm more looking of a course that could be a few weeks long rather than one 1/2 hour session.

Have car, will drive.

Erotic Art Show for Valentines Day?

Oh Great Dpers!
Seattle has a fantastic erotic art show usually in Feb in honor of Valentines Day...does
Portland? Maybe even a flirtatious show at a local gallery?

I would like to coordinate something fun for a eclectic group of friends, for Valentines day (or around mid month) but I don't see anything like this for Portland and Valentines day events seem to be all focused around couples and romantic dinner.
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Community resources

This gets asked here a bunch, so I thought I'd do a small link dump. Places to find help when you need it -

http://www.irissoft.com/INFO/ - 211's resource database. Most counties in Oregon and SW Washington, they just added Yamhill County.

http://www.rosecityresource.org/ - Street Roots' resource page, covers Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties.

http://www.housingconnections.org/ - Housing Authority of Portland's webpage, has a rental database to search by area, accessibility, and price.

Any others you guys know of?
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Does anyone know of any good florists in SE Portland/Milwaukie/Oregon City area?

I need to be able to pick something up later in the day, probably a basket arraignment. I googled it but all the shops just showed their delivery samples and I'm not sure if I would get the same stuff in the store or not. Thanks!
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Is there any reason to vote for one of measures 66 and 67 and not the other? I feel I've gotten a pretty good sense of the arguments for "yes on both" and "no on both" but is anyone advocating for a split decision? If so, on what basis?
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