January 22nd, 2010


How do I get to Ashland?

So my girlfriend and I are attending class at the United Bicycle Institute in Ashland and are trying to figure out the best way to make the trip. We need transit to Ashland on the 21st of February and return transit the 6th of March. We don't have a credit card to rent a car. Anyone have any ideas or know of anyone who'd like to make some money driving us? We'd have two bicycles. Thanks!

Event venue?

So it turned out that the venue I was going to use for a benefit for Haiti only has the legal capacity for 49 people (never mind that I've totally seen more people there...). Anyway, I was hoping for something bigger than that.

Being new to town, I'm a bit handicapped here. I need a venue for an event in April featuring poetry, music, and dance with a capacity for 100-200 attendees. Since it's a benefit, we're hoping for the space to be donated or rented on the cheap.

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Any ideas? Thanks, as always.
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Plans Needed!

Hola DP :)

My 21st birthday is coming up on February 6th. The SO and I were thinking that instead of going bar hopping we might find a good concert to go to at a bar? or some other venue I was not able to go to before? We're having a bit of a hard time finding anything good though. So anybody know anything cool going on on February 6th? It's a Saturday, so there's got to be something.

And if not, what's the coolest place to go on your 21st birthday? I'm not a huge drinker, but I somehow feel I need to spend this special day in a bar...I'm open to ideas :)


rental website

Have any of you ever subscribed to this site for housing rentals: http://www.rental-data.com/

If so, was it worth it? It seems to have quite a few listings that are within our parameters but I can't see the details unless I subscribe... Don't worry, I'm browsing CL daily, it just would be nice to have another option too.

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Saturday Night 80s Club

I have a friend who wants to go out dancing for her birthday tomorrow night. She wants to find a club with 80s music. I know that there are a few that happen on Friday night. What about Saturday? Any recommendations?

If there aren't any, do you have alternative club recommendations? Something that's not too pop/rap/R&B, meat-market kind-of an atmosphere. Just a place where we can go out for a girls night out and have a good time. We're thinking downtown, but aren't tied to location specifically.
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all natural bath/body/beauty products?

Where are some good local sources to find high quality 100% natural bath and beauty products?

I'm looking for natural alternatives for conditioner, bodywash, makeup, and everything in between. And I don't mean so-called green or organic products that have a handful of natural ingredients listed last on the label. I'm looking for the real deal, with ingredients I can pronounce, and fragrances that exclude hemp and patchouli. :P I'd shop around online but I'd really like to know what something smells like before I purchase. Thanks in advance Portland. :)
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Open-late grocery/drugstores in NE

I feel kind of like a total dummy for this, but are there any major grocery/drugstore type places open past 11pm in inner-NE on a weeknight? I've lived in the neighborhood for a few months but this instance is kind of a first...

I've got a super-sick-with-flu roommate who is rapidly going through every available soft paper product in the house, who could also stand some tummy meds and electrolyte-water but it seems like everything (Freddie's, Safeway, Walgreens, etc) is closed within a 5-mile radius around my area (NE Alberta & MLK). At least according to Google Maps and Yelp and fruitless searches on various chain store websites.

I guess this will teach me to stock up supplies during those less-frequent Winco trips!