January 21st, 2010


Apartment with a garage

This isn't an immediate need as my lease isn't up until May but I wonder if you guys can give me some guidance here.

My situation:

1. I have cats.
2. I require 2 bed/1+ bath.
3. I am currently in Milwaukie and want to move closer in. I would probably be happiest with something NE but would be fine with anything within 3-4 miles of, say, Powell's City of Books.
4. $850/month or less
5. The trickiest part is I would really like to have the option of renting a one car garage. My companion and I both have motorcycles and he does a lot of shop-type stuff that requires garage access, so this is a bigger deal for us than most people.

So, what say you DPers? Am I doomed to the 'burbs? Milwaukie's not bad really, quite pretty. I just want to be closer to my partner's work and other things.

Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

I need help finding the best Thai food in Portland. I have a friend visiting from Arkansas who has never been here, and I don't go out for Thai very often, but he wants to.

What are your recommendations?
Price isn't an issue.

ALSO - Does anyone know any fun events happening in PDX from February 5-15?

Thanks PDXers!

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D&D venue open late?

My D&D group meets Thursday evenings and plays late into the night. Up until recently we've been playing at Backspace, but tonight there's apparently going to be some fairly loud music there. Guardian Games closes at 9, which doesn't give us as much time to play as we'd like. So - does anyone have suggestions for a location to play that is:
  • Open late
  • Quiet
  • In the general vicinity of downtown Portland
  • Preferably reachable by MAX
  • Has food available there or nearby
little blue dog

suit me up

I need a suit. I actually want to get one made, because I'll be getting married to the best girl in the world while wearing it, so of course I want to look sharp.

I might have already found the coolest place in town to have this done (Duchess), but figured it would be worth asking here if any gents or ladies know any similar clothiers around town they'd recommend to me.

  • drjeff

And, in transit news...

Trimet driver reportedly chokes rider.

And, semi-literate bus driver writes Trimet Confidential blog article.

According to the article about the choking, there are hundreds of assaults against bus drivers each year in Vancouver, BC. I thought Canadians were mellow. Could it be that they're simply getting all their aggressions out before they arrive at their destination, then fooling everyone into thinking they're docile?

Be careful out there!

Gift Ideas For Ex-Pat Friend?

So I find myself leaving the country soon to stay with an old friend for several weeks. The problem is I can't seem to think of anything to bring him. Wine? Maple Syrup? (I read somewhere that real maple syrup is hard to find outside of North America.) Snark? What would you want from Oregon if you'd been living overseas for several years? Help me DP you're my only hope.

Haiti benefit planning meeting

I posted a few days ago about putting together a benefit for Haiti in a few months. Some people expressed interest - for anyone who hasn't joined the Facebook group and seen the invitation already, we're going to be meeting at 1pm this Sunday at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne. Feel free to bring anyone who may be interested in helping!

Link to original post: http://community.livejournal.com/damnportlanders/16162054.html
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Haiti and the US Navy

USNS Comfort- a floating hospital - should have landed yesterdayin Haiti. I love this. This is a marvelous use of naval power. The description says it's like they took a supertanker, hollowed it out, and dropped a hospital inside. Only . . .how are they going to land? Haiti's only got that one tiny airstrip, and if I recall, what port facilities they had were destroyed. They're actually already receiving patients that were med-flighted in. I wonder if they'll have to helicopter in all the severely injured while the ship sits out in Port-au-Prince's bay?
Me and Jenner
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St. Johns History?

Heya DeePeeps,

My Google-fu has failed me.

 I have a large manila envelope that I rescued from the garbage of the retirement home I worked at about 2 years ago. In that envelope, is a bunch of newspaper clippings, maps, school reports/notes and various other things, including a copy of the St. Johns Review "Bridge Dedication Number" "Commemorating the Dedication of the St. Johns Suspension Bridge as an event of the Portland Rose Festival Saturday, June 13th 1931."
There's also what seems to be the original copy of a school report compiled by an entire classroom of children at the James John School in 1957. There's no grade info that I've been able to find, but it does say "Section 25" on the cover page. So that's probably the group of kids that wrote this report.
Most of the newspaper clippings seem to be from the 1940s/1950s.

All the documents and whatnot are in FANTASTIC condition, I suspect that before I rescued them and looked over them, they'd not been handled in 20-odd years. I'm pretty sure they were thrown away by the grown children of the (at the time)recently deceased original owner, I do recall that there'd been a few folks who had recently passed away in the building when I found these.

I'm fascinated by these, but I've looked through most of 'em, and they've been sitting in a box in my garage for about 2 years. It's time I found a proper home for them.

That's where the wise and wonderful folks of DP come into play. Where should I take these? I tried looking for a historical society in St. Johns, but didn't find anything specific to that part of Oregon, just the general Oregon Historical Society, which will be where I take these for lack of any better place. But I'm convinced that there's some organization in the St. Johns area that would LOVE to get their hands on these things! If this stuff was about Wilsonville, I would have taken it the library here in town, because they've got a "history of Wilsonville and the surrounding areas" exhibit on-site. Anyone know if the St. Johns library has that?

I'm a little overwhelmed by all this, which is why I've been sitting on it for the last 2 years. But I want to share this awesome bit of history I rescued from the garbage, with people who will find it interesting and make it so that all who want it, can find it. I'm a nerd like that. ^-^

Locating Delicious Curry Mix

Portland, I require your assistance! 

I had a roommate a while back when I lived in the SE that left us some of his cooking stuff when he moved out. Specifically, he left me with his chicken curry mix that I probably ate more of than he did.  It is DELICIOUS, has directions in Engrish (plus some other languages), ingredients that are all identifiable spices and not preservatives, but I have finished it and have no idea where he originally bought it. I think he mentioned an Indian grocery or something, but I wouldn't know which or where.  Do you recognize this elixir of the gods, Portland, and can you tell me where to get it?  Location is really unimportant, I will TriMet pretty much anywhere to obtain this.

Thanks guys!

Temp Agencies

 So I was digging around in the tags and haven't been able to find exactly what I was looking for, so I'm turning to you:)

I'm currently without a job (like many people), and I was considering working for a temp agency.
Are there any that I should look into?
Any that I should stay away from?
Really, just how does the whole process work?

neigh is shiny

just a reminder

Thought I'd remind y'all that drjeff still has artwork hanging up at the Orenco Station Starbucks in Hillsboro through the end of February!*

And he might actually be selling some of his lovely lovely framed prints!

Also, as a bonus, if you come down here you might see me! woo woo!

*On Cornell Road, and 2 blocks straight off the Max at the Orenco Station Max stop!

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Bike Frames. Enlighten me?

I'm going to school at WOU right now and would love to have some form of transportation that isn't my Jeep, though I love it. I have a bike but it was built from a old bike I got for free, along with some nice wheels and other components, and the issue with my current bike is that the frame isn't my size at all.

So my question to you smart DP bikin' people is how should I go about getting a new frame? What would be the best type of bike for wandering around Monmouth/ surrounding areas. Should I just scrap what I have and get a new bike all together? My price range is under $500 for sure. If it helps I am 5'3.
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Jumping the shark

Some of you may have heard that there's an overnight trip to the Newport Coast Aquarium happening this weekend, where we will be getting behind the scenes tours of the aquarium and camping out in the shark tank tunnels. We had two last minute cancellations, and so if anyone wants to slip in, I can set you up to make a private transaction with the person who's slot you'd be filling. Cost is $55 (which is cheaper then any off season hotel in Newport) and includes pizza, breakfast, and admission to aquarium for Sunday. Carpooling is available, but you do need to provide your own sleeping bag, mattress pad, & jammies. This is an all adult trip - not that there will be alcohol inside the aquarium, but please no munchkins.
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Help me have a day trip Saturday

So my friend and I want to go to a snowy town on Saturday. I'm thinking Timberline Lodge? We're hoping for a little sledding, shopping, eating, just a few hour day trip. Is this even possible within an hour or two drive? I've only been up to Teacup to go Xcountry skiing. Also hopefully it's somewhere I can get in a Subaru without chains.

If not, I've been browsing the coast tags and it's hard to tell the best place to go. We want.. a little activity or two, walk on the beach, shop, eat. Our original plan was Newport but I did not realize it was so far. I was hoping for a round trip of 180 miles as I'll be in a zipcar. Suggestions of other towns? I hear Seaside is too touristy.
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