January 20th, 2010

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Cocktail dresses for the Petite

Places a 5'2 lass might find a fancy dress long enough to cover up an ugly cast on her broken foot for a wedding this weekend? Already hit Nordtrom Rack and the local goodwills. I live in SE and am limited on driving time, so SE or NE with parking top picks (i definitely am not up for the standing and walking inherent in mass transit). [Of course i waited too long for mail order. I can't remember the last time i actively shopped for a fancy dress that wasn't being directly dictated by a bride.]

Button Making Supplies?!

Hi DP-

I'm in a bit of a crunch and I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can get 200-300 button making supplies for 1-2 inch buttons for this kind of machine (http://www.buttonbiz.com/). I assumed Michaels or another similar craft store would carry them, but I've been told most folks are ordering them online these days. I need to make the buttons by this weekend, so online isn't an option--can you help save the day? Need suggestions of where in town to buy, but also if YOU have extras lying around that I could buy from you, that'd work too!

Thanks a bunch!
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Washington County Homeowner Info. Needed!

Hi there DeePeers.

I need to find out who the homeowners are of a house next door to me. We have a shared fence that's down (thanks, wind storm) and needs to be replaced and I don't want to foot the big bill solo.

Problem is, the house is currently being managed by a douchebaggish property management company. The twitty receptionist didn't know jack, other than that she "can't tell me who the owners are" and the broker won't return my calls, in spite of me making it clear that the downed fence has caused a security issue.

What county agency is is that could provide me with the owner's information? Please help me, DP!

Many thanks!
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Four Cellists for the Price of Two!

I dunno about you, but I love cellos. What I love more than a cello is four cellos. With rad cellists to boot.

Dour Fir is having Israeli Cellist Matt Haimovitz with Portland Cellists Gideon Freudmann, Skip VonKuske and Ashia Grzesik (all of Portland Cello Project and the latter two also of Vagabond Opera).

Price is a wee amount of $12, which breaks down to about $3 per cellist.

Show is tomorrow night (Jan 21st) at 9pm with doors at 8pm. Cellos!
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Damn Meetup

It's the first meetup of the year (hooray!)

And I'm actually posting early this month about it!


McMenamin's Tavern & Pool

1716 N.W. 23rd
Portland, OR 97210

(503) 227-0929

As usual, it's pretty safe to bring the minors around before 10pm!

I've set the reservation for about 10 - 15 people, since we haven't been pushing 20 in quite some time and I think they nearly shit a brick when I called the first time and said we might have 20 and then didn't.

So, all that being said, who is joining in?
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Anti-Douchbag Resources

Hey [Clever Name for damnportlanders], I may be renting a room out in my house in a few months time, and I'd like to get myself up-to-date on

1. What rights/responsibilities landlords have in Oregon/Portland

2. Which of those rights/responsibilities go away when you're renting a room out in your own house (as opposed to renting a property you don't live in)

Websites, books, something your third cousin told you, horror stories, success stories; any info is appreciated.
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Alternative movie theatres

Can anyone help me find some alternative movie theatres- and i guess by that i mean, not playing blockbuster mainstream type movies, perhaps indie or old films- that plays movies on weekends? I checked Bagdad but they dont play movies on the weekends I guess.

Push Button For POPSICLES

Makin' a t-shirt

I need to put a one-color graphic on a t-shirt. This shirt does not need to stand the test of time as it will only be worn for about a half hour at a time for four nights. However, the graphic must be WHITE and will be placed on a darker or bold color t-shirt.

I was assuming that I would need to use fabric paint to make this work. However, I was curious if anyone knew of a way to make an those printable transfers work. I mean, I just figured since the print needs to be white, there's no way that could ever work unless someone has a printer with white ink hanging out.

Maybe I can just make a stencil . . .

I need to make this shirt this evening. This is not my fault, I swear.

PS3 Slims

I spent my evening driving to a bunch of stores fruitlessly searching for a Playstation 3 Slim. Apparently everybody is out of stock now for some reason. Anybody know of any place that still has them? Preferably not an evil megacorp like Walmart.