January 19th, 2010

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Gmail question?

Google is failing me, perhaps I just can't find the right combination of search terms...

So in Gmail, say you send out an email to a bunch of people, and then you want to create a contact group that has all those people in it.

The only way I can find to add people to a contact group is by going to my full contact list and clicking and adding them one at a time, which is really inconvenient when you're talking about a whole bunch of people.

Is there some easier way to do this that I'm just not seeing?

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My ex just moved out and took all the things we had been sharing such as pots and pans, dishes, silverware and vacuum and microwave. I was hoping people on here might have some of this stuff laying around unused looking for a new home! I would be eternally grateful for any help. Otherwise my back ups are CL and Goodwill.

Edit: my loaction is inner NE / Burnside. And I will be bussing it :)
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Spanish Tutor

I'm looking for a reasonably-priced, patient Spanish tutor that can help be get my skills up enough to pass Spanish 203 for my degree at PSU. I have credit for 201 from another school, but I took it back in 1999, so I've regressed quite a bit.

I'm available either Monday evenings or pretty much any weekday during the day, so I need someone who can meet me within those hours. I'd also need to meet up somewhere on campus/downtown or in the close-in SE.

If anyone has any recommendations, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


Just curious, which neighborhoods in Portland have the cheapest average rents? Within the city limits, that is, not in the 'burbs. North Portland somewhere? Felony Flats?

Then again, what's the cheapest neighborhood you'd consider safe enough to live for a single adult male?

Oregon Steampunk Spontaneous Meetup?

Hello everybody! 
The imaginative costume and adventuring enthusiasts of the Portland-Metro area were considering coming up with a steampunk-oriented campout this year.  Unfortunately, they have since abandoned the project-- a situation, I can only guess, concerning the old adage: "too many cooks". 

Well, some personal associates of mine have been footing around the idea of hosting a little gathering anyway.  We considered renting a campgroud, but that's risky as no one really has any money. 

At present, I'd like to just get an idea of how many people have an interest in doing this.  Here are some things we're seriously considering... any and all feedback is greatly appreciated:

Meet-up and photoshoot at Vernonia Lake Campground...  www.vernonia-or.gov/living/parks/vernonialake.asp  Here is someone's very inspired photoshoot at the abandoned millhouse that I so admire: www.flickr.com/photos/exoskeletoncabaret/sets/72157606675440858/  I totally wanted to have my wedding there... even these awesome pictures do not do the mill real justice.  You'd have to see it. 

We thought it would be appropriately steampunk-worthy to host this spontaneous meetup on Nikola Tesla's Birthday, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla whch falls this year on a Saturday-- July the 10th. 

EDIT EDIT EDIT!  I just realized that this is Oregon Country Fair's big day.  It would be foolish to put this on that weekend.  The 17th?  Feedback?

We are currently brainstorming and asking for suggestions on activities that could be fun and free or very close to free.  Here are some of the ideas so far:
  • A croquet game or 2. 
  • A tea ceremony and perhaps a potluck
  • Flag ceremony?  I thought it might be rather authentic to open and close our informal meetup with a hoisting and taking down the colors.  Would be really fun to get a hodge-podge "regiment" of like-minded military characters together to do such  thing.
  • I would be very interested in getting the Wooden Boat Society interested in having a meetup at the same time as Vernonia Lake has a very accessible boatramp
This is going to be reposted in many other places in the world.  Please spread the word!  Let me know what level the interest would be!
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Affordable Writing Workshop

Ignite emotion! Write successful grants! Share your message!

The Directors of Volunteer Programs Association (DVPA) invites you to attend an interpretive writing workshop!

Judy Fort Brenneman is a speaker and award-winning writer. Her passion is helping people tell their stories. Her work has helped companies and agencies define their vision, inspire their employees and volunteers, educate their audiences and increase their sales.

Making an Impact: Interpretive Writing Workshop!
Thursday, January 28, 2010

Workshop Fee: DVPA Members: $95; Non-members: $110

Lunch is included.

For more information, including registration visit the DVPA online at www.DVPA.weebly.com
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Brown Couch for Sale!

We've got a new couch on the way, and need to make room by getting rid of the old one. We're asking $50 on CL, but will be happy to extend a special DP discount to anyone interested.

It's from Ikea and is about 3 years old. It's been in a non-smoking house with cats.

Measures about 7' long x 3' deep x 2' 3" high. You'll need to come pick it up and have a truck or something to transport it.


What is a reasonable weekly food budget for a single person?

Hey Single Portlanders? What's your monthly food budget?

I'm trying to see if mine is crazy or if I should slim it down more. From what I've heard people are usually at $200 a month. I guess that would be $50 a week. So people of Portland? What do you usually spend?

I'm at about $45 a week and $180 a month. I eat pretty healthy and don't really eat out but I don't skimp on the good stuff. I'm curious what's the norm though.
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welcome new mod! and tags!

Hey all! So, a couple news-type things happening lately ...

First, NEW MOD!

Yup! typsie (Kat) joins bellybalt (Don) and littlebluedog (Timmah) on the mod team, and we're pleased she'll be an integral part of our developing plan for total world domination. Or at the very least, she'll girl things up around here a bit. Welcome Kat!

You may continue to reach any and all mods at the mod email address, dpadmin2001@gmail.com.

Second, TAGS!

Regular readers will recall that we re-initiated the tagging feature in October. Since then, with the assistance of a small group of volunteers, we've back-tagged a few thousand posts, and have been tagging new posts daily.

Hopefully folks are finding the (growing) tag list to be useful. It's a great way to find posts that are, ahem, relevant to your interests. For example:
    Need a great Chinese restaurant?
    There's a tag for that.
    Want to take off your clothes in public?
    There's a tag for that.
    Curious about what DPers have thought about recent celebrity deaths?
    There's a tag for that, too.
And so forth. You can use this feature by bookmarking the current list of tags, and remember to check it anytime a topic you're interested in might have been covered before.

We're currently at about 170 tags, with more on the way as the need arises (and/or we discover it). The plan is to continue with mod-only (or tag-team-only) tagging for awhile longer before considering switching it over to user-added tags.

BUT, we're always interested in your thoughts, so let us know if you have any input. Comment here or send an email to us.

We are ALSO interested in a few more volunteers for the tag team! We're grateful that the first lineup (phasmaphobic, prettymuchjulia, ellettra, and melpomene_84) tagged until they could tag no more, so there are some open spots if you want to help tag back posts. Please speak up, either in a comment or via email, if you're interested!
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Favorite Oregon beach towns for vacations?

Heya DeePeeps,

My wedding anniversary is rapidly approaching (February 2nd is the big day), and hubby & I are wanting to do something of a repeat of how we celebrated last year, by once again going to the beach for a couple days!

Yes, I know we're strange for going to the beach in February. But it's become something of a tradition for us, and we're kinda wanting to go someplace new, because part of our tradition for the beachtrip includes wandering around on foot in the cutesy touristy parts of town, and it's much more fun to do that in a town we've never visited, vs. one we've been to before.

My question for the wise wizards of DP is this: What's your favorite beach town to vacation in, and why?

We've stayed in Seaside and Lincoln City and loved 'em both. The ideal town will have plenty of nice sandy beaches to walk on and freeze our toes off while we explore the tidepools, good restaurants that aren't too fancy or spendy ($15/plate or less please!), and interesting things to see while we wander. Museums and Aquariums might work, but I tend to have a hard time dragging hubby into places like that unless the admission is super-cheap, he gets bored with 'em too fast to want to spend too much money to get in the door. So they're certainly not a requirement.

Bonus points if you have a hotel recommendation that's nice/has personality/has beachfront access/is around $100/night (or less!). Double Bonus for any places that have "romantic getaway" packages for couples that you can add on to the price of your room for just a little extra. We last stayed at the Pelican Shores Inn in Lincoln City and they did that, but it was too spendy for us at the time. I'd love to do that this year, wherever we end up staying.

Aaaand... Go!