January 17th, 2010



Where the crap can a guy get a decent haircut in this city for less than $20 that isn't Great Clips? Yelp classifies a place charging $25 as "cheap," so that's not helpful.
Oh fuck


Wise people of damnportlanders,

Please help me. I need a dental crown & Google is not being very helpful.

It's becoming kind of urgent. Since OHP no longer covers crowns, I need to find quotes & recommendations before I can just go get one

I was going to Willamaette Dental, in Goose Hollow. Do you think they're my best bet for a crown?

Haiti benefit

I want to organize (or help organize) a big benefit party for the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. I particularly want to do it in the 3-6 months from now timeframe because that's when us ADD Americans usually stop caring about disasters like this. It's also helpful because I'm new to town and while I have organized events before, I don't know that many people around here.

So I'm just putting the seed out there. We'll need a venue. We'll need performers/artists willing to donate their time. We'll need volunteers to help with things like tickets and advertising. Any offers or leads are appreciated!

UPDATE: I just created a Facebook group to facilitate the planning. It's called the "Haitian Benefit Planning Committee" for anyone interested in joining!
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Knead my dough

I made char siu bau for the first time yesterday. It's basically a stuffed yeast roll. I was a little disappointed because the rolls came out DENSE. I wanted them to be a bit more... fluffy? Like an actual yeast roll.

What did I do wrong?

Did I knead the dough too much? Not enough? Should I use less flour?

Screw google, and screw various baking/cooking communities.
I want *your* real life experiences.

No cover nights?

I'm looking to shake my booty on a budget - when/where are the no-cover nights at the clubs around here? As long as it's a good place to dance, I'm pretty open-minded about the musical stylings.

What I'm aware of right now are Shadowplay nights at the Fez Ballroom and it looks like Holocene has live music with no cover on a regular basis.

Suggestions? Thanks!

insurance question

I just got a new job that allows us the choice between Providence and Kaiser health insurance. I've heard a lot of people complain about Kaiser, but it occurred to me that I haven't heard any specific criticism. Anybody have any thoughts about either plan? Providence seems almost as limiting as Kaiser in provider choice to me. Also, we're having a baby, delivery would be under the new plan, if that influences your comments. Thanks in advance!