January 16th, 2010


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Anyone know a good way to check and see if your license is suspended? I don't ever get pulled over, but I have moved a couple times and want to make sure I haven't missed a speeding ticket one of the times I moved.

This came up because a friend was in a traffic accident tonight and found out (through various circumstances) that his license was suspended.

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I am trying to get a location on this bar. It is not located anywhere I can find and Barfly gives this:NW Glisan at SE Woodstock Portland, OR (which we all know makes zero sense)...

Can someone please give me the actual location of this place.

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This morning around 1am I was woken up by someone screaming "fuck you bitch" so loud that the entire block or more must have heard. I'm over by the Willow Creek TC (185th and Baseline in Beaverton) and I couldn't hear anything else, but it sounded like it was right across the street from me, and I'm unsure of whether or not there was a crime taking place, or if this was just some loon who was out drunk, screaming at his ex on a cellphone or something. - I didn't see any police cars, but I also tried to get back to sleep soon after-

Did anyone else hear/see this happen, and if so do you have anymore information? Being woken up at 1am to someone who sounds like they want to kill someone doesn't make me feel very safe. :/

If I wanted thrills, I'd live in Thrillsboro. :P

Buying ice skates?

Can anyone recommend a place to buy ice skates in the greater Portland area? All I've been able to find online is the Sherwood Ice Arena pro shop and Indoor Goals in Beaverton, and I'd prefer something a little closer (and possibly the Lloyd Center pro shop, but they don't seem to have much selection). I haven't decided whether to get hockey skates or figure skates, so knowing about either would be useful.
Beauty - HUH?

This made me laugh, but an employment opp nonetheless!

TNT's Leverage on the look out for burly men to play "cops, security guards, and thugs"
Posted 1/14/2010

Lana Veenker Casting is organizing a Leverage Thug Informational Meeting for adult males who fit the aforementioned profiles.

The White Stage Building located at 70 NW Couch St. in Old Town will play host to these meetings, Tues. Jan. 19, 2010 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Attendance is free, but interested parties must RSVP at http://leveragethug.eventbrite.com in order to be admitted, as space is limited.

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(Courtesy of the Oregon Film Office!)
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help finding dry/wet-cleaner posts?

I thought I had one or two of these tagged in my memories but I'm not finding them now, and I don't see an applicable tag in the DP list. Anyone have a post about finding a good/inexpensive cleaner tagged & want to share with me? Or want to recommend a good/inexpensive cleaner? I'm in outer SE but willing to travel. Places that charge $2 for a men's shirt but $5-6 for a "blouse" make me really grumpy.

Area 69 still open for business

So a drunk guy slammed his car into the front of our building, but we are STILL OPEN! Don't think I don't see you lazy bastards, pulling into the driveway and just seeing the plywood over the door instead of the huge painted arrow telling you to go around the side and see our nice second door.

The pipes inventory is all fuckered up, though, so don't come here expecting me to whip out rings and stoppers for your hookahs and bags for your pipes, it's all on the floor and I don't fancy picking through the broken glass to find your shit.

So yes, still open. Come buy some porn. We've got a DVD deal, three movies for twenty bucks if you buy three of the 9.95 ones.
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Powder coating?

I have three bird cage bottoms that need to have their rust removed and then powder coated. Does anyone recommend a metal shop that does this? Preferably one on the West Side as I am in Tigard.

Budget wedding Photographers & Florists?

The craziness of wedding planning has descended on me & my fiance and surprise, surprise we've got a pretty tight budget. Most of our money is going towards renting the Chinese Garden.

What would be super-amazing-helpful is if anyone has any budget friendly recommendations for photographers and florists. We really like this photo team http://youlooknicetodayphoto.com/, and are hoping to find someone with a similar style. Their packages start at $1400 for 4 hrs. They have good prices, but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask around for personal recommendations.

A thousand thank yous in advance for your info.!

Two free NuvaRings

I just switched to the Mirena IUD for my birth control but still have two NuvaRings (sealed in their packages) in the fridge. It's a pain in the ass to properly donate prescription drugs - anyone want them?

I will update this post if/when I make arrangements with someone. PM me and I'll give you my address and other such details (I'm in Milwaukie).

UPDATE: I have made arrangements with the lucky lady.
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Becoming a vendor at faires/conventions/etc

Some friends of mine are kicking around the idea of making and selling stuff at a local faire this summer. (Basically, one of my friends got a lot of compliments on some of his handmade costume accessories last year, we've not seen anything like them for sale by other vendors, and it wouldn't be hard for us to create a reasonable amount of inventory by summer if we started spending our spare time crafting now.) Anyone know how hard it is to do this and what kind of bureaucratic hoops we'd need to jump through beyond just making the stuff and renting a booth at the faire? Is this the kind of thing you can basically do as a one or two weekend a year break-even "hobby", or do you really need to be in it more full time? (We'd basically like our sales to cover the cost of attending the event or events we were selling at, booth rentals, and materials. Enough money for us to also go out for a beer afterward would be gravy. We're not exactly planning to quit our various day jobs and become full-time crafters.)

Anyone done this? Is it possible? Any words of warning?
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Alright! I've got a very special goal for tonight's SNNLC. I don't want any friggin' comments! None! Not a one! Don't say hi, don't tell me what you're up to, don't commiserate about not having a life, nothing! ABSOLUTELY ZERO COMMENTS!

Now, I'm gonna go cook myself a steak and some mashed taters (it is Saturday), and when I come back, I'd better not see any damn comments!
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Fire Wood

We just moved to a new house with a woodstove, and I'm wondering if anyone knows any good places to get cheap/free firewood. I don't mind picking up or gathering it myself, but I don't own an axe or a saw, so no cutting, unfortunately.

Also, if anyone needs a queen-size boxspring, we have one to donate.


Because I've seen this asked here a few times, A Better T-Shirt on the corner of Albina & Sumner apparently does custom screenprinting, image transfers, and other fun stuff like that. I have no experience with them, just thought I'd put that out there. I guess it's also an independent family business.