January 15th, 2010

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A little civility, if you please, Portland State?

Look, PSU. I like y'all well enough. But dig...

Friends of mine went around campus yesterday and put up a bunch of "No on 66 and 67" posters. And within about an hour and a half, 5 of the 6 posters that I checked on had been torn down, including the one that was already defaced.

My friend went back and checked on the other 7 that were up and 4 of those were also taken down or defaced.

Now I get that most of you have differing opinions than mine or those of my friends. I get that. But I thought University was supposed to be a place where ideas get to be had, thoughts discussed and differences hashed out through respectful dialogue. And not, you know... vandalized or torn down.

If you want to have a discussion, lets have a discussion. But for God's sake, be respectful. And not just for our opinion, but for freedom of expression and freedom of speech. At least have respect for that, eh?
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what follows might be a bit graphic. for this i apologize.

it started last tuesday. in the midst of (yet another 24 hour cold), i found what seemed like a boil near my male genital region. i've gad the odd boil before and usually warm showers took care of them in no time. but not this time. by the next day, it felt like there were 3 more boils and my scrotum began to swell considerably. as of today, it's about the size of a grapefruit and hurts like hell. a friend of mine says i probably have gotten a bacterial infection and will need medical help soon.

problem is, i don't have any medical insurance or income atm. does anyone have any idea if there is a place around town that takes walk-up patients with little or o money? i'm really getting kinda scared about all this.

thanks in advance for any help given. 

Yes. There is something I can do for Haiti.

Ok unemployed people who have no money but some free time.  I did some asking around and I think  I found something.

Many people in the US are trying to contact family and friends in Haiti, but can't afford to spend all day (time or money) calling.  But we can help out by making calls for them.

Former Reed student Clare Payton is working at a calling center at the Haitian Enlightenment & Literacy Project (H.E.L.P.) in New York.  Right now there are only two volunteers making calls and they are soon going home for the day.  If we on the west coast could continue to make calls as long as we can, it would be really helpful.  Do you have some spare skype credit to burn? (yeah. ok. so my sister in New Zealand can wait until next month for me to call.)  Do you have T-Mobile? T-Mobile is offering calls to and from Haiti at regular US calling rates.

Join the facebook group Haitian Response.  You will see a list of people and phone numbers on the wall.  Call the 509 numbers.  On Skype select Haiti as the country and dial the number after 509.  On a regular phone you will need to dial 011 + 509 + Phone Number.

If someone answers, find out: 1. Who picked up? 2: Where are they? 3. Is the target person alive?  4.  Are any other family members dead or alive?  5.  Tell them who on the list is trying to contact them. 

It is especially useful if you speak French, but if you don't, it's ok.  If you can't communicate with the recipient, or if the call cuts off before you can ask them questions, it's ok.  Just the fact that someone, anyone, answered that phone number is very valuable information.  Most likely, you will get a variety of error messages or even recorded music playing at you.  You may not find anyone, but what you are doing is important.  If you do get an actual person on the phone, report the details on the facebook group immediately.

Good luck, and thank you for your help.

chair massages?

Is there anywhere to go in Portland that does Chair massages for 15 minutes or so? N/NE Portland are preferable but NW or SE works too! Do these places still even exist for individuals?

My shoulders and neck thank you!
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Does anybody do this any more? Or was Knasty Mike correct and it is just a passing meme that has... passed.
Whatever. I have to go now because my band is playing tonight at Dante's. And it is free. You have NO excuse for not having a life tonight.