January 14th, 2010

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woman rabbi?

google, why hast thou forsaken me!?

which temple in town is the one with the woman rabbi?? i thought it was neveh shalom, but apparently that is not correct. maybe she's not even in town any more...
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Alberta house with open rooms!

Hey all, I've got a whole house to fill with cool people and my friend suggested I try here. I'm the last one standing in a really awesome, bright, giant house over on Alberta and 9th. It's got a big backyard, basement, pretty kitchen, etc. Looking for people in their 20s (physically or mentally) who have steady income and want the whole cute-home environment where we are friends as well a roomies. The land lord is pretty lazy and there are some fixing up projects (I'm trying but I'm not very handy), but nothing major. If you want to read the full shpeal there's a craigslist ad up at: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/roo/1546219855.html

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I realize this might be obnoxious, but I'm going to plug this show anyway.

There is a superwonderfulamazing show you should attend at the Doug Fir this Sunday night - the 17th. Soriah and my darling, darling friends The Ghosts Project will be performing, and it's only $6!! The Ghosts Project play haunting, beautiful music. Paul Mercer comes from San Francisco, Davis Petterson from Atlanta, and Nathaniel Johnstone (from Abney Park) from Seattle. They're excellent human beings and stunningly talented musicians. And many of you have likely heard Soriah's amazing throat-singing.

Go! Be moved!

I have to harass people about this show since I'll be unable to attend. But YOU should!
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Last Minute!

My band, Starry Saints, will be playing a free show at Dante's tomorrow night, Friday January 15th. Also performing- The Flurries!
Starts around 9:30 or 10:00. You should, like, totally come and see us! It will be swell!
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Yeah yeah, I know it's ages away and YES, it is a consumer holiday made only for the greeting card companies but I don't care! I'm talkin' about Valentine's Day, of course, and I want to do something fun this year - aka, a nice dinner and most important - DANCING. Yes, nice romantic dancing. This is my one chance a year for that as an excuse. Suggestions? 
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shake it!

hi portland! I'd like to learn how to bellydance and am looking for a studio that offers classes nearby- hopefully somewhere with a good vibe that is relatively cheap. I'm in NE. Anyone have any experience with bellydancing and have any recommendations at all?

Thanks portland!