January 13th, 2010

paul reubens

Happy hour help

So a good friend of mine is moving away from Portland on Friday and I'm trying to plan a surprise going away happy hour for her. The problem is there will be around 10-15 people there i think and all the friday happy hours i've been to are normally pretty crowded. Most of these were happy hours downtown when I used to work down there - jake's grill, portland city grill, 3 degrees, gilt club - but we're lookin for a more laidback spot with a lot of room and good food or drink specials.
Any suggestions? Not too hectic, preferably either centrally downtown or close-in se so that's easy for everyone to get to.
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Free stuff. Come and get it before they go to craigslist!

Does anyone want a free bamboo rug and two sets of blinds? They're all in great shape but have been taking up space in storage and need to go. The bamboo rug is probably 4' by 6' and could use some cleaning. Back when we used the rug, we just washed it with a washcloth and warm, soapy water. It looks a lot like this one except the border is cream instead of brown:

rug yo

The blinds are roll-up matchstick-style and 36" wide. These are not suitable for homes with small children.

All free to you to pick up in my home in inner SE. 
little blue dog



I'm in need of some over-the-ear headphones. I don't necessarily need a noise-canceling feature unless you can talk me into the benefits thereof. However, I would like them to be engineered well enough so that there's no noise leakage audible to, for example, someone sitting next to me.

What are your best personal-experience recommendations, in both the under-$150 category and the over-$150 category?

  • tertyl

LED blinky lights

Is there a store in the general Portland area that sells blinky LED lights. Not looking for bike lights or anything like that, mostly just those blinky lights with magnets on them and similar promotional items like that.

Thanks in advance.
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  • algeh

Bar trivia that's not about pop culture?

I like trivial pursuit and I like drinking, so I keep thinking I'd like bar trivia of some kind. However, pop culture is not my thing at all. There are some specific, narrow categories (such as, say, Babylon 5) where I have trivia to spare, but I couldn't even tell you the names of 5 shows currently on TV. When playing trivial pursuit my categories are, in order of best to worst, (1) Science and Nature, (2) Arts and Literature, (3) Sports and Leisure (because that's where they stick probability and drinking questions, I know nothing about sports), (4) Geography, (5) History, and (6) Entertainment. I also occasionally play Global Pursuit, which is all geography and history questions of various kinds. Anyway, I'd love to find some kind of bar trivia that I might actually enjoy. Any suggestions?

Yappy Hour!

As a talented front desk agent of the Jupiter Hotel, and a recurring role in DP I must share with you!


My hotel is now outfitting rooms to be uber dog friendly, and we're hosting a monthly doggy event called Yappy Hour that includes animal adoptions and proceeds going to the Oregon Humane Society. If that's not local and lovely then I don't know what is! Check out the link and I hope to see some of my fellow Dp's there!

-ydb xoxo

Upcoming workshops/classes

Dear D.P.,

My significant other and I would like to take a class or workshop together as a way of creatively using some Xmas money I got. We'd be open to most things (erhu-making? combination partners Thai massage and white privilege workshop?), so let me hear any interesting suggestions for upcoming workshops/classes that you might have heard about.

Yours truly,